Amazon Games to Distribute International Version of Throne and Liberty from Ncsoft

The rumor suggests it for a few months already, and it obviously tends to be confirmed: according to the South Korean press, Amazon Games and Soft have just signed a partnership agreement wanting Amazon Games becomes exploiting from the international version of Throne and Liberty.
According to Accord, Amazon Games would therefore ensure the distribution and exploitation of Throne and Liberty both in North America, South America, Europe and Japan.
The amount of operation is not officially revealed, but according to indiscretions reported in Korea, the transaction would relate to a budget of 57.7 billion won (41.5 million euros).


For the record, in August 2020, Amazon Games already announced that it had signed a similar partnership agreement with Smile gate to distribute Lost Ark in the West and Christoph Hartmann indicated that other similar contracts would be intended to follow.
Last December, in this way Blue Protocol who fell into Lescarcelle Amazon and Throne and Liberty should therefore follow.
At this stage, neither Amazon Games, nor Soft gives details about the launch schedule of Throne and Liberty in the West, but Announce falls concomitantly with the course of the final test of the MMORPG organized by NCS OFT in South Korea-a hundred
Testers are expected in the premises of NCS OFT and a presentation to the local press is expected tomorrow.
And in this context, on social networks, NCS OFT Peasant (in several languages, including French) Announce new information for soon.
So let’s bet that we will quickly learn a little more about the game, but also on its launch planning both in Korea and in the West.
Update (14:15): by press release, Amazon Games officially confirms the signing of its partnership with NCS OFT (the first collaboration of the South Korean studio with an external publisher for the release of its titles) and specifies ensure the
‘Exploitation of the versions PC, PlayStation and Xbox Series X | S by Throne and Liberty in the West and in Japan.
The new operator’s press release still does not provide any details about the MMORPG test or launch planning, but the studio delivers its presentation of the game:

Throne and Liberty is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game that combines a rich story with epic fights, all in a sublime and dynamic universe.
Throne and Liberty offers players a vast world to explore.
A world in constant movements, swept by geographic and ecological transformations regularly and drastically modifying the game mechanics. The players will face their peers, but also their environment;
They will be able to transform into animals to fly to the heavens or dive towards the depths;
They will even be able to trigger massive environmental phenomena, like torrential rains or decline, which can change the course of each battle.

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