Diablo 4: Over 1 Million Players Have Already Won the Level 20 Reward During Early Access Beta

The duration of Diablo 4’s early access beta, which started last Friday (17), was noted by some special benefits, such as titles that were rescued in various areas of the map.
There is a particular reward that made Diablo followers extremely focused on getting to level 20: a kind of kangaroo knapsack for a little sleeping wolf called Beta Wolf Pack.
According to Adam Fletcher, director of game growth, more than one million players reached this mark prior to completion of early access last Sunday (20).


He added that the benefit will likewise be available to gamers who begin progress next week, with the launch of the video game’s open beta.
Additionally, all the progression achieved in early gain access to will be preserved.

If you’re one of the individuals that haven’t won the beta wolf pack, do not fret: your child wolf will be there to be adopted when the time shows up.

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