0 and is an incredibly powerful Pyro user.Genshin Impact: The Best Team Compositions for Dehya – Synergy with Various Characters for Optimal Pyro Performance

Delay signed up with Gen shin Effect in variation 3.5 as an additional 5 pro stars.
The character is a user of Spanish and can be placed at the cutting edge of the group for its storage tank function.
Although your set has not been authorized by much of the video game neighborhood, it can be a crucial piece if well-placed in the team.


Delay has several synergy choices, the suitable is characters that can appreciate their aficionados and also rebuffs.
It is a lot more utilized as maintain as well as can be positioned along with teams of various elements or even mono pros.

Option 1: Gansu, Bahia as well as Bennett

Gansu will certainly be the major DPS of the game.
The allies will press it right into the battle as they leave their high important effectiveness to fire the arrows.
With high assaults from Cry, your aspect will react with Bennett and also Delay with combining.


In enhancement, Delay will certainly likewise allow Gansu to fire her shots without disruption, thanks to her skills.
Bahia will trigger burn impacts along with Delay by the personality’s high pro application.
It will additionally maintain the essential effectiveness needed for Gansu high.
Bennett will supervise of healing and also enthusiasts alongside Delay, that will certainly likewise strengthen the strikes of his friends with the aid of their artifacts.
With two pros, the team will get the impact of reducing the duration of Cry effects by 40% and enhanced ATQ by 25%.

Alternative 2: Ayala, Keisha as well as Bennett

Ayala will certainly be the team’s main DPS and also many thanks to your Supreme will be able to trigger a really considerable damages.
Together with Delay, the duo will certainly have a strong application of Cry and also Pro damages, enabling merge reactions.
Keisha will certainly be responsible for team control, many thanks to their skills that can group opponents as well as ing strikes to as many opponents as feasible.
Anemia can still provide an allied damages buff as well as decrease elemental resistance of adversaries.

As a support, Bennett will use his Supreme to grant assault bonuses and also healing to the team.
Furthermore, two allied pros provide Pro’s enthusiasm effect.

Alternative 3: Xi angling, Keisha as well as Bennett

An Anemus-Pyro group will not execute essential reactions, however still, it knows exactly how to show its stamina, being a terrific combination for continuous damage off the field.
Delay and also Xi angling will certainly be DPS as well as will certainly have their pro damage boosted, as well as Pro’s passion result by important resonance.
Keisha will be one of those accountable for Lovers, enhancing the damage to the group and approving group control.

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