Scott Butchard, Design Director of GTA Online: Success of GTA Online Beyond Anything We Could Have Dreamed 10 Years Later

In a meeting, Scott But chard, Layout Supervisor of GTA Online, commented on online mode and also revealed that he could not have actually envisioned in his wildest dreams just how well GTA online is going for rock star video games.

When we began, we would never have actually dreamed that we were still there after ten years, stated Scott But chard.
The success of GTA Online is absolutely nothing we would certainly ever have actually anticipated.
Certainly, this huge success in GTA will certainly proceed online and also Scott reports that the totally free updates will not stop.
Certainly we wish to see to it that the updates for GTA online are for free and accessible to everyone, to ensure that our whole area can experience the game together.
That still applies today, he claimed.
Considering an appearance at, at the start we largely drove GTA online as a multiplayer experience-whether cooperative or affordable, we had the sensation that we needed to make the players play with each other in a community room and have a good time.


With time, we have recognized that a big part of the experience functions better if we use more opportunities to enjoy the video game at an individual level, which the core of the experience can after that be transformed and boosted by playing with others.

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