Will Resident Evil 4 Remake be Included in PlayStation Plus Premium?

The remake of Resident Evil 4 will be launched on March 24, 2023. But will it be included in PlayStation Plus Premium?
Sony’s response to Xbox Game Pass, the PlayStation Plus subscription, offers players the opportunity to play a variety of games included in the games catalog at no additional cost.
Players receive free monthly games and can deepen a library full of classic and modern titles, according to their level of subscription.
The highest level, PlayStation Plus Premium, includes monthly games, access to the classic catalog, games and more.
An attraction that subscribers expected with the PlayStation levels system is access to games from day one, as Microsoft does occasionally with Xbox launches.

With the remake of Resident Evil 4 as one of this month’s greatest releases, will Sony put it in PlayStation Plus so that the subscribers play it in the launch?
Sadly not.
Neither PlayStation nor Cap com have announced that the new version of Resident Evil 4 can be played at launch through the PlayStation Plus subscription.
Instead, players must buy their own individual copy.
Whether he is a horror fan or wants a relaxed adventure, there are many games to wait in March:
WWE 2K23 (March 17)
Chia (March 21, available through the PlayStation Plus Games Catalog)
Resident Evil 4 (March 24)
MLB The Show 23 (March 28) Pic.twitter.com/xvwexjfrz9
-United Kingdom PlayStation (@playstationuk) March 7, 2023,
This is not surprising, considering that Sony also did not put their own titles in the subscription service in the launch.
Neither God of War Ragnarök nor Horizon Forbidden West were launched in the subscription service, although the latter is now included in the PlayStation Plus Games catalog one year after the initial launch.
It is possible that the next title arrives at the service eventually, but probably not for some time.


However, Resident Evil 4 is available to play through the PlayStation Plus classics catalog.
The Resident Evil 4 remake will be launched on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S and PC on March 24, 2023.

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