Square Enix to Change President – New CEO to Lead Video Game Company

Large video game companies must constantly change positions in their managers, either for someone’s resignation or because they feel that some visions do not go with those of the company.
And now, in Square Enix it seems that there will be new movements in a short time, since they will change to their CEO, who even has the replacement.
Recently, through a notice to the published shareholders, Square Enix Holdings mentioned that he intended to replace Yoke Matsuda with the newcomer, Takashi Kirk, and is now aware of the approval of the shareholders.
Since in the end they have voice and vote in these decisions, and you will see if it could be profitable to change the position.


According to what is mentioned in this kind of letter, the approval will be sought at the Annual Shareholders Board provided for June 2023. This will lead to a board of directors that will finalize the details to make the corresponding power transfer.
Something that looks positive for Kirk, since he has worked as someone competent for the company.
Matsuda has arrived with plans since 2023 to have businesses with the NFT and also Blockchain, and in the statement, it seems that Square Enix does not want to change strategy.
Here what they comment on your document:

Due to the rapid change of the business environment surrounding the entertainment industry, the proposed change aims to remold
even greater to its customers worldwide.
Now we only have to see the official approval to change to the CEO.
Via: VGC
Editor’s note: These types of movements are not new, and could be due to For spoken’s recent failure in terms of sales.
And it is strange that Luminous has also merged with Square and soon the CEO change plans are announced.

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