Where to Find Opening in Sons of the Forest: Unveiling the Location and Purpose of Manufactured Items

When it comes to most articles that you can manufacture or find in Sons of the Forest, its location and purpose are not too difficult to decipher.
Other articles, such as the opening, can be a bit more elusive, since they are smaller or less necessary for the progression of history.
If you have found some cans that you would like to open and ask where to find the opening in Sons of the Forest lea then you can get it yourself.


Location of the sons of the forest opening

Image source: through end night
To find the opening in Sons of the Forest, you must start by opening its practical GPS map.
Actually, there are some opening locations on the map, as shown below, so you can choose the one that seems most convenient.
Specifically, we will focus on what is located along the coast on the top of the map, since it is the easiest to achieve at the beginning because the other two are in camps between cannibal mutants that might require that you participate that you participate
in combat.
The opener shown below is the one on the coast at the top of the map.
Regardless of which one chooses for your island, all you will have to do is approach the opening and press E on its keyboard to enter its inventory.

Once there, you can combine it with cans to open them.
You will get canned food when you open your cans, and this is the only use for the opening so far.
Anyway, it is useful to have it, since canned food is very hungry and is abundant while exploring bunkers or caves.
Image source: through end night
Now that you know where to find the opening in Sons of the Forest, you should go find yours and open those cans that occupy a valuable inventory space.
If you are interested in another similar content, just look at some articles related to the game, which include how to find the machete, another great tool that will need to survive in the hard landscape.
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