The Simpsons: Hit & Run Remake – Designer Says Its Ready for a Comeback – Is the 2003 Classic Game Primed for a Revival?

The Simpsons: Hit & Run is one of the most beloved Simpsons video games of all time, as well as amongst the most very rated based on review ratings. Provided the surge in remakes as well as re-releases of video clip games in current times, some are questioning if the 2003 game may be successor. It’s ahead of time to state, yet lead designer Joe McGinn is a fan of the idea of bringing it back.


Struck & Run was the second major Simpsons game from Radical, adhering to 2001’s Simpsons: Roadway Rage, which had not been nearly as beloved as Hit & Run.

Electronic Arts published 2007’s The Simpsons Game based on the movie, in addition to the mobile title The Simpsons: Touched Out in 2012. The television series is still on the air– as well as was recently restored for 2 even more seasons — but no announcements have been made about future computer game.

The game’s original designer, Radical Amusement, as well as author, Vivaldi Universal Games, have both closed shop. So any kind of remake would relatively need to come from a various programmer as well as author. It’s not instantly clear that owns the video game civil liberties to The Simpsons franchise.

The Hit & Run soundtrack appeared on numerous music stores in January 2023, triggering conjecture that a remake/remaster may be in the works. A YouTuber is remaking the video game in Unreal Engine 5, and also it looks very excellent, so that’ll have to provide for currently.

I would enjoy seeing it, McGinn informed GamesRadar concerning a potential Struck & Run remake.

In the GamesRadar interview, McGinn claimed Radical pitched Hit & Run to the author as GTA for youngsters, due to the fact that at the time, the programmers were playing GTA 3 and were inspired by it. McGinn said various other motivations for Struck & Run consisted of the PlayStation One driving video game Chauffeur and also Nintendo’s Super Mario 64.

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The Simpsons: Hit & Run is one of the most cherished Simpsons video clip games of all time, as well as amongst the most extremely ranked based on testimonial scores. Offered the increase in remakes as well as re-releases of video games in recent times, some are wondering if the 2003 game may be following in line. It’s not right away clear that has the video game legal rights to The Simpsons franchise.

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