Get the Final Warning Exotic Weapon in Destiny 2: Lightfall – A Guide

The Witness has finally arrived, and Destiny 2: Nightfall asks each guardian to join to fight the forces of darkness.
As usual by stopping catastrophic events that alter the world, he will need all the improvements and power he can achieve to stop The Witness forces.
One of the many new weapons that you will use is the final warning, a hand weapon mounted on Strand.
If you are interested in collecting this exotic weapon, here you have everything you need to know about the exotic secondary weapon final warning, which includes how to obtain it and what advantages it has in Destiny 2.

How to get the final warning exotic weapon in Destiny 2

At this time, it is not clear how to win the exotic secondary weapon final warning in Destiny 2, and that is because the fall of light is finally here.
As usual, getting some of the best weapons and equipment requires that you challenge yourself, so catching final warning may require that you participate in challenging events such as Nightfall, Raids, Strikes or a legendary campaign completed.


I could also go through random activities in the world, so don’t ignore small activities!

Benefits of exotic weapons of final warning in Destiny 2

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As mentioned, final warning is an exotic secondary weapon based on Strand in Destiny 2. Its intrinsic characteristic is suddenly described as:
Keeping the trigger marks the objectives within the reach and loads several bullets, which are fired in a burst with greater stability when the trigger releases.
Citing an objective marked with a completely loaded burst will unravel them.
Together with suddenly, choose your poison is a weapon advantage for final warning that can be described as:
Styling from the hip: The projectiles will follow the marked objectives and inflict greater damage due to the body when impacting.
Aim: The projectiles have a much higher speed and inflict additional critical blow damage to the marked objectives.
Essentially, Warning Final works as a monitoring gun with smart rounds.
It will be fun to use, so be attentive to this while exploring everything Nightfall has to offer.

That is all you need to know about the final exotic weapon Warning, which includes how to obtain it and the arms features that it presents in Destiny 2. To get more Destiny content, then move to our related section.
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