FIFA 23/Fut 23 DME Guide: Victor Osimhen PotM Prices, Players & Full Step-by-Step SBC Guide


Victor Simon has won a Gamer of the Month’s (Gamer of the Month) letter in the Ultimate Group.
The difficulty has only 2 casts to send out.
Each of them gives a package as an incentive.
The last thing to be received after finishing all is Victor Simon’s Player of the Month.
See just how to finish the DME of January of the month of Italian Championship.
Total cost to finish SBC: 90,000 coins

FIFA 23 DME Victor Simon Poem: Collection A Cast

Approximate price to complete the challenge: 30,000 coins.
Series A TIM players: minimum 1
Group General Category: Minimum 83
Compensate: 1 Gold Bundle.

FIFA 23 DME Victor Simon Poem: Cast 84

Approximate cost to complete the obstacle: 60,000 coins.
Group General Classification: Minimum 84
Reward: 1 varied plan of players.

Victor Simon Poem Letter Information And Facts

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