Dragon Ball Super Animator Unveils New Artwork of Beast Gohan – Exclusive Transformation

The Dragon Ball franchise is considered more alive than ever, and that is due to the fact that Super’s manga is still in circulation, to the DLC of games like Z Apart, as well as the film that premiered last year.
Precisely, this film presented us with the new transformation in Beast mode of Roku’s eldest son, Golan.
As the fanatic has grown with respect to the film, so new sketches of the character have been released, this part of the film’s animation director, Hisashi Quota, which also gives us a new look at Orange Piccolo.

Thus demonstrating the prominence that Name also has in this installment, one that is quite large in terms of power.
Here you can see art:

Illustrations by Golan Beast, Orange Piccolo and a Roku sketch by Hisashi Quota, DBS animation director: Super Hero!
In relation to Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, for now it has not been revealed when it will be released in streaming services, but it is likely that sites like Amazon Prime Video or Crunchyroll get the exclusive.


We’ll see what happens to the fate of the tape.
Via: Comic book
Editor’s note: This type of official arts always excites, that means we could continue to see this phase in subsequent projects.
And it is that the film is considered as a canon, approved by Oriya himself.

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