Discover Your House and Exclusive Mission in Hogwarts Legacy: Your Choice of Home Matters!

Hogwarts Tradition has concerns to define which residence you will be picked.
If you differ, you can pick your fave in the selector hat.
The selection of residence influences extremely little on the video game and the effect on the primary story is no.

The considerable change is that each residence has a small unique mission.
Searching for the lost web pages of Fig’s book, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor as well as Slytherin will have different methods to satisfy Richard Jackdaw.
After discovering the ghost (each residence in its own method), the quest will certainly proceed the very same for all.
In this guide we show the quest Love is a prison the exclusive objective of Huffleplace!
This is (practically consentaneous) the most effective of special pursuits, as it is the one that allows you to visit Azkaban’s arrest.

Exclusive Objective of Hufflephern: Love is a prison

After discovering the mystical book in the Collection with Sebastian, you will obtain an express owl from a huffy pupil.
You need to talk to the portrait of Eldritch Dig gory that remains in your public room.
Keep in mind that Eldritch was a former Hogwarts director and also is associated to Cedric Dig gory, which you understand well from Harry Potter’s books/movies.
You will need to explore an unresolved murder by speaking with Helen Thistle wood in Alto Hogs field.
For convenience, teleport to Hogsmeade or Woodland prohibited to continue foot to the village.
You will comprehend that a woman called Anne was unjustly accused, and we will certainly have to go to her in the well-known Azkaban prison.
This is the only time in the whole story you can visit this famous location, so think about picking a suffer as your house in Hogwarts Legacy.
It is not possible to check out nearly anything in Azkaban, yet for those that are a follower of Harry Potter, simply the preference of tipping in place can be worth it.
In addition to that the presence of detectors and patronum make the visit a lot more sentimental.
After the heated conversation with Anne, you will need to find the cave not far from the Alto Hogs field village.
On site, address the puzzle to release the passage:
Trigger the cabinets on both sides with Action: Stick well, manages should be bordered in white.
Make a symmetry as in the photo below:
Recoup the track inside the tiny room and also speak with the ghost.
The special objective of Muffle lands ends currently.


The meeting with Richard Jackdaw in the restricted woodland occurs with the 4 houses and from there the mission is precisely the exact same for all of them.

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