Where to Find a Stun Gun in Sons of the Forest – Defend Yourself from Humanoid Cannibal Attackers!

While some players prefer to run when they meet the horrible cannibal humanoids in Sons of the Forest, other players discover that they enjoy defending themselves from groups.

Although the recently released sequel to The Forest allows the manufacture of some weapons, from the arch to the spear, there are other elements scattered throughout the island that make the fight much easier.
If you are wondering where to find the electric gun in Sons of the Forest to have a more fluid experience when you face enemies, keep reading next.

Location of the electric gun Sons of the Forest

Fortunately, Stun Gun is not too difficult to find, since it is in the same cave as the regather.
However, you will need to have some armor or medicine ready since there are a few enemies inside.
For the entrance of the cave, see the map below.
All you need to do is open your own GPS map and go to the score that is near the starting coast area.
Image source: end night through
Once you enter the cave, all you need to do is advance until you reach an area where you can choose to go to the left or continue straight.


Choose to continue straight if you are looking for the paralyzing gun, since you will find it at the end of the long tunnel.
A good way to know whether you go to him is the hanging body and the radio with which you are, since his music reproduces automatically and can help you guide you.
The Stun Gun will be hung from the body.
Image source: end night through
Collect the paralyzing gun once the scope by pressing E on your keyboard.
Now you can equip him whenever you want from your inventory.
Now that you know where to find the electric gun in Sons of the Forest you can go to the cave and prepare to have fun full of fear against the cannibals that inhabit the island.
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