Timo Werner Stumbles into Happiness, Redeeming Goal Brings RB Leipzig Back to Title Race Before Rose Return to Dortmund


The redeeming gate in the stumbling somehow matched Time Werner after excruciating weeks.
Absolute dream goal, I think, said the international with a smile.
After 374 minutes, the 26-year-old ended his goal and shot RB Leipzig back into the title race of the Bundesliga with his lead goal in the 2-1 against Eintracht Frankfurt.
Leipzig has the quality, moving closer. Time Werner put a top game, at his speed he is dangerous for every defense, said DFB s director Audi Roller at WFLD-TV the national player the day after.
He is in good shape!

shoot goals and prepare Werner’s job

I have strengthened his back often enough, there is no reason to praise him excessively, said RB head coach Marco Rose.
He simply demands from him that he shoots goals and prepares his speed and can make the difference somewhere.
Against Frankfurt, after his lead goal after a steep pass from Emil Forster (I somehow lose my balance and ultimately only tried to get the ball past Kevin Trap) for the Sweden in the best manner for the 2-0.
At gates and templates, Werner will be measured on Friday (8:30 p.m.) in the top game in Dortmund.
It is also Rose’s return to the former place of work after celebrating a dream debut as a RB coach against Russia on September 10, 2022.

Werner confesses: Need steps in butt

For Werner, coach Rose is also a success factor after the hard time at Chelsea FC, where he only wanted to go away after two years.
He is fully behind me, I need that, said a visibly dissolved Werner in the catacombs of the Red Bull Arena.
At the same time, the striker revealed astonishingly about his inner life.
I think that I am not always the simplest character. The fact that I always need a kick in the butt, he gave me, he gives me, and he will give me, said Werner.
Even the coach had to six: If he perceives it so much for himself, then it is probably like that, then he can have it.
Rose knows that his arrow-fast striker always needs a portion of trust.
He can have the feel-good factor, on the other hand he has to deliver.

The striker has only recently been painless

How much Werner had put himself under pressure after his World Cup out of a crack of the syndesmosis band in the left ankle is only now becoming clear.
He was quickly fit again, because I also pushed myself a bit with the game against Munich, he said.
After that, the pain came.
It was not optimal for the foot, the injury itself was not the problem, rather the construction sites around the foot like the Achilles heel, said Werner, who was totally limited when sprinting.
Now he is finally painless.
I noticed in the last games that I was much more lively and more agile.
Werner’s pain and confession even surprised his trainer.
Time was probably in a chat mood? He asked, admitted not to have known about it.

He will have told the doctors and physiotherapists. Some things do not have to arrive at me when he is on the field at the weekend and runs, then that’s okay for me, said the coach, who now meets a recessed Russia.

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