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At the latest since 2005 and the celebrated release of the horror timeless The Exorcism of Emily Rose by Doctor-Strange-Strange-Strange-Streid-Director Scott Derrick son applies: Those who base on frightening, shock moments and with adrenaline and blood, come on the subgenre of exorcism
– Films not over.
One of the most recent films, which deals with consumed people, cursed places and extensive devil exportation, is The Devil’s Light (original title: Prey for the Devil) staged by Daniel Steam.
The strip is released from the age of 16 and was launched on November 3, 2022, in German movie theaters.
Did you miss out on the scary film, however are you still interested?
No issue at all, with our competitors you simply have the chance to put the movie on your own movie shelf.
How you can get involved, and all other info can be discovered in this post.
The Devil’s Light, which was expelled by Lions gate and the indie movie smithy Gold Circle Movies, was released on 4.
February 2022 as a DVD and Blu-ray and includes the 93-minute horror strip, which can be played in English and German, also audio remarks, a making-of, numerous features and much more.

The Devil’s Light-Werum does it work?

A reunion is joy: Even as a little kid, the nun (Jacqueline Byers) needed to discover in the tough way what it suggests striking around with devils and obsessed.
As a kid of a mentally ill and attacking mom, she matured in a violent household and the firm belief that not psychological diseases are not accountable for cruelty and violence in the family, however the devil personally.
Several years later, the young and ambitious lady is provided an honor that she has actually never ever existed prior to: she is admitted to the Catholic School of St. Michael’s, who have been teaching guys in Boston for lots of years.
Of course, amongst the conservative and strictly spiritual guys, the school’s very first lady has just a few people to rely on, but thankfully the teaching Father Quinn (Colin Salmon) and her caring fellow trainee, Dad Dante (Christian Navarro).
And, believe us when we inform you: Ann has a bitterly essential!
A network spins from the present and Ann’s traumas of the past since when the ten-year-old Natalie is instructed as a patient to be healed by a devil.
Isn’t the haunt of your childhood over?
With The Devil’s Light, director Daniel Scram tells a timeless exorcist story and combines it with a number of thriller elements and a psychological drama.


According to critics, the script was not especially convincing, but lead starlet Jacqueline Byers ought to shine with an exceptional performance.
You should take part in our competition and get your own image of the horror festival if you like exorcism.

What exists to win?

We are handing out two Blu-ray and 2 DVD versions of the scary film, both with OF language edition, German synchro and numerous extra content.
There are also German subtitles for hearing impaired.

The Devil’s Light: competition for the home release of the Exorcism Horror (7) Source: Lions gate I Euro video.
The competitors end on February 22, 2023, at precisely 11:59 p.m.

our competition for The Devil’s Light.

Competitors welcomes…

How do I take part in the competitors?

To participate in the competition, you need to get in and send your e-mail address in the competitors kind.
We will then contact you via this e-mail address, you ought to have won.
The e-mail addresses are then deleted and only utilized for these competitors.
The legal procedure is excluded as constantly and a money payment of the prices is not possible.
You can find our basic competitors conditions here.
Your shipping information will be forwarded to the responsible PR business that will send you your revenue.

The length of time does I have time to get involved?

You can now participate in the competition and have the time to throw your lot into the pot approximately and including Wednesday, February 22, 2023, at 11:59 p.m. The winners are then determined immediately by random procedure and get an email.
We wish you much success!
And apart from that: Are you anticipating the horror movie or does the devil feel personally cold?
Write us your ideas to strip in the remarks and likewise like to share your favorite exorcism movies.
We are thrilled and wish you good luck with the competitors.
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