Spellforce: Conquest of EO: Test Out the New 4x Real-Time Strategy Game and See if You Have What It Takes to Conquer EO!

Dear real-time strategists, you have to be extremely brave now: The brand-new Spell force is nothing for you.
Since Conquest of EO has almost absolutely nothing with his predecessors.
Rather, this time there is a moody spin-off that totally depends on round strategies, 4x technique and role-playing elements.
If you like games like Master of Magic, Tunes of Conquest or Heroes of May & Magic, you must seem like in the house.
It’s no wonder with the designers!
The Owned by Gravity group (sedentary in Vienna) has actually currently provided Fantasy General 2.
They know what they are doing.
But is the brand-new Spell force also enjoyable?
Let me put it in this manner: I truly simply wanted to play in one afternoon and compose a little first impression for you.
A couple of days were 60 hours on the account and the first impression… there is none.
I hadn’t prepared a total test, however it sometimes works.
So yes: it’s a good video game.
However likewise one that lacks something unique.
The gameplay is rock strong, the summary is right, the video game circulation fits brand-new concepts and amazing functions you have to search with the magnifying glass.
And that can not make up for the Spell force license, which has actually constantly been as interchangeable with its orcs, elves and overshadows as a tens pack of non-reusable batteries.
Undoubtedly: if there was no spell force on it, I would not even have actually discovered the license.
And yet the video game tied me more than I initially thought.
And maybe you will be similar.
You don’t have to dig too deeply either: Spell force: Conquest of EO (purchase now EUR 26.99) costs just reasonable 30 euros, and it has a lot to offer.

a magician rarely comes alone

Spell force: Conquest of EO looks complicated, but is basically simple.
You play a magician apprentice who gets a magic book and a hitched tower at the beginning.
Your job: You have to check out a quite, comprehensive hex field card, gather resources, dig soldiers, end up being stronger, research, crafty and obviously summon what the stuff does-and please do everything while you have to handle other circle magicians.
They already check parts of the map and have a vital appearance at you.


Some will apply missions to you, others discuss your decisions or mercilessly attack your systems if you make the error of penetrating their location.
Unfortunately, there are no real diplomacy or interesting discussions, which is why the other magicians as characters unfortunately remain.
Whether for the gameplay or for the environment, a great deal of potential is given away.
Over time, your relationship with the other magicians will get worse or enhance, in the worst case there is even an open war.
However, no matter how you do it and who you have to clear out for it, in the end it is constantly a matter of climbing up into the circle of circle magicians.
To do this, you have to master a variety of main jobs and fulfill requirements that you can read in your magic book at any time.
Spell force: Conquest of EO in the test Source: The Nordic
At the start there are 3 magic types to select from, and if you do not fit, you can additionally click your own magician from a couple of sets of residential or commercial properties and talents.
You shouldn’t anticipate a sophisticated character editor with a trendy presentation, just as little as cutscenes or voice output of the developer have preferred to put their budget into other areas, for example in history: this is only told in simple text windows with periodic choices
At least the lots of events are written atmospherically.
For my taste, however, it needs to have been substantially more of it, especially in the last 3rd of the video game.

4x without urban development

Conquest of EO plays classic, however there persists in one point: at the center of your kingdom is not a capital, however a magical tower that you can even lift in the air by clicking and after that move like a system over the map.
There are likewise cities, but they are only planned for missions, for working with soldiers and for action.
In other words, you should not start and broaden your own settlements!
Only your tower can slowly equip them with new spaces, even if you never ever get it.
The tower must neither be explored nor established the tower.

After all, the rooms have essential functions, some offer you more resources, MANA or gold, others give you access to specific units or upgrades.
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