EA Sports FC: FIFA 23 – Experience the Turning Point of Virtual Football in 2023

In 2023 there is something like a turning point for all fans of virtual football games.
Because for the first time in thirty years, EA’s football title is no longer called FIFA, however likewise operates for the very first time due to the loss of license under the still unusual name EA Sports FC
In other places, however, the licenses should not go through the rags to the publisher.
On the contrary, apparently EA has to rating, as with FIFA, especially with licenses, that is, to provide a number of real leagues and groups with which you can then go on the pitch.
Appropriately, the existing message can be considered as an exclamation mark.

If you desire to play the Premier League, you require EA Sports FC.

An offer is about to conclude that Electronic Arts will protect the rights to the English Premier League for six years because as the broadcaster Sky reports.
So EA Sports FC would have one of the most popular and attractive top leagues in the contingent.
Accordingly, the publisher needs to likewise go into his pocket.
According to Sky, the volume of the offer is a tremendous ₤ 488 million sterling, i.e. the equivalent of around 551 million euros.
This consists of making use of all clubs and teams in the video game, at the same time the EA Sports logo design ought to likewise be extremely present at Premier League broadcasts in the future.
By the way, the license uses solely, which implies that the real Premier League can only be seen at EA Sports FC and no other football title.


The offer is not actually unexpected, after all, there has actually been a Close connection in between the parties because the late 1990s.
EA also holds a thick license plan with numerous other leagues, consisting of the regional Bundesliga or the Spanish Align.

With the latter, further cooperation was lashed last year.
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EA Sports FC
EA secures the very first licenses for the FIFA 23 follower and hence one of the best leagues

more about EA Sports FC

The name of the football simulation will alter this year, but the total package will probably remain untouched, even far from the licenses.
This implies that numerous modes and different gameplay adjustments need to be anticipated again this year.
A return of the story mode The Journey-or whatever it means-is also in the area of the possible.
Traditionally, EA presents the current football game in May or June of a year, so we will need to be client for more information.
How crucial are licenses in football games?

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