Fntastic Defends Himself Against Accusations of Stealing from Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombie Mode

Fantastic presumably took from the zombie mode of the shooter Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War shooter.
Some gamers also think that the survival shooter does not exist.
The developer now took a position on reports of this kind-and set a statement against incorrect info.
This is how the statement starts: We all reside in a time of disinformation and the absence of factual review.
Everybody can say everything for their views and everyone will think it.
Disinformation should be taken, considering that it can hurt not only to us, but also other Indies and small/medium-sized studios.
It also has psychological results on the members of such teams, says the additional text.
After The Day Prior to has actually been published, the group would like to believe about how exactly they can assist inexperienced designers.
You want to provide corresponding resources to better handle false info.
Fantastic concludes the statement with the following quote: Ruin is simple.
Creating is difficult.
With the charging of the tweet you accept the information protection statement from twitter.
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On the Reddit conversation platform, lots of users believe little of this job.
After all, they would deal badly with neighborhood responses, even if there are even worse examples with games like Deserted.

bad communication due to a lack of marketing department

The absence of communication on the part of the developer studio explains why there was a disinformation.
This entered into this and pointed out the absence of marketing department.


All offered resources would presently stream into the development, however from then on they would like to attempt better communication.
Further, reports on The Day Before:
10 minute gameplay presentation released
Delay was said to be planned prior to the hallmark law disagreement
Hot expected MMO is developed by volunteers.
After a shift in January, The Day Prior to is arranged to appear on November 10 of this year.
More reports on The Day Prior to.

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