Hogwarts Legacy Soars on Twitch Despite Boycotts – Open World RPG Based on Harry Potter Universe Reaches Peak on Tuesday Night

Hogwarts Legacy is one of the most commented subjects among gamers, positively or negatively.
The Open World RPG of the wizard universe suffered reprisals due to the controversial figure of the writer behind the Harry potter franchise.
However, the game managed to dodge the boycott and showed its potential on Twitch on Tuesday (7).
The game exploded in number on the Amazon platform at a turn from 7 to 8 Feuary.
With a peak of over 1.2 million viewers in its category, RPG has become the most watched single-player on Twitch.
Available for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, many players received the opportunity for early access to the warding universe.
This exclusivity has made many streamers transmit their first game plays on the Amazon platform and make this audience success possible.
Many streamers contributed to this record.
Among them, the content creator and former professional player of Overwatch Félix QC League, who ought together over 108,000 live spectators.
Recently, he fiercely expressed his thoughts about boycott of Hogwarts Legacy, saying, People are financing all kinds of bad things with their shopping, much worse than you can imagine […] and now you want to do it
People feel bad to buy the fucking video game.
Despite all these debates, Avalanche production has completely exploded the platform’s accountants, and it is not likely to stop.
The boycott is due to the years of behaviors and transphobic speech by the author of the books that gave rise to the game, J. K Rolling.
For some time a significant audience has decided to stop consuming the contents aimed at the Harry Potter universe so as not to finance the prejudiced posture of the creator of this magic reality.

Audience before Hogwarts Legacy

Before Hogwarts hit Twitch charts, Cyberpunk 2077 was the most watched Single-Player game on the Amazon platform.
In fact, the production was also commented on because of many bugs observed at the release and the debates attracted curious.
But Hogwarts Legacy managed to overcome in numbers.


The game has just been released in early access, and it is very likely that this hype around Warner’s production does not decrease anytime soon.
On Feuary 10, the owners of the default edition will be able to embark on the epic magic and enough to attract even more fans of the Harry Potter universe in Twitch oadcasts.

It is likely that this record, though impressive, be beaten in the coming days.

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