Exploring All Places to Find the Moth to the Flame in Hogwarts Legacy

There are many side quests that need to be performed in Hogwarts and the world around him.
Many of them are considered quests for relationships because they determine your status with other students at school.
Nevertheless, there are some puzzles that continue, for example, the Moth to the Frame quest, as a separate task that you must do around the territory.
Finding images of moths and returning their moths, you can earn rewards for your tests in the field director.
Here is a guide on where to find each of them.


These images of moths are hidden all over Hogwarts and external locations, waiting for them to return their moths.
By directing the Lumps light to the image, you will see an image by which you can track down the moth and return it to the frame.
Since there is no clear local card, you need to pay attention to your compass and use Revelry as much as possible to help find them.
Here are all the places for the search:

Moth from the central hall to the location of the frame in the Hogwarts Heritage

In the central hall you will begin a side quest with Lenora, who will say that you tried to find out and ask for your help.
The picture hangs on the wall directly opposite the entrance to the library and to the left of the central fountain.
If you have not yet taken a side quest, Lenora will still stand in front of it.
The missing butterfly is right down and on the left under the stairs.

location of the moth library in the frame of the Hogwarts Heritage

You can find another moth on the second floor of the library.
It is hidden in the upper right corner.
Since there are so many bookcases and rows, it helps to use Revelry to find it a little easier.
You also do not have to go far to find the missing butterfly.

Look for a large portrait on the opposite side of the upper floor, and the moth is on the catwalk in front of it.

Moth from the Great Hall to the location of the frame in the Heritage of Hogwarts

This picture is located right at the Great Hall.
If you use a fireplace to teleport to a large hall, you will find it right in the corridor, under the large banner of Hogwarts.
The image shows that the moth is a little further in the large hall on the director’s catwalk.

Protection from the moth of the Tower of Dark Arts in the location of the frame in the Heritage of Hogwarts

You will find another frame on the wall right inside the protection tower from dark arts.


This is a long and winding staircase of floors, which can confuse a little.
The best way to find a frame is to quickly get to the DADA tower with a fireplace, and you will find yourself right in front of it.
It is located directly and to the left of the television port of the fireplace.
Judging by the picture, the moth is on the column next to the DADA class.

Northern Hall History of the Mottled magic class in the frame of the Hogwarts Heritage

You can find this image of a moth by first going to the class of the history of magic.
Climb the fireplace into the courtyard of the bell tower, and then climb the left stairs and go through the doors until you reach the northern hall.
From the cabinet of the history of magic, the picture is upside down opposite the door and on the wall.
The picture shows a large window and the statue of the Sphinx nearby, where you will find a lost moth.

Water Wheel of Moth from Hogs mid to the location of the frame in the Hogwarts Heritage

Hogs mid has a lot of interesting, including several hidden pictures of moths.
These are slightly lower than the Earth, but you can still easily find them using Revelry and looking for this blue contour.
You will find it on the north-eastern side of Hogs mid in a building with a water wheel.
The image will show a lamppost right along the way from the building where you can find a moth.

Lane of Cabana The Head of the Moth from Hogs mid to the location of the frame in the Hogwarts Heritage

You will find another frame hidden in Hogsmeade closer to the lower southeast side.
If you go to the boar of the head and go around the buildings from the back to the bun lane head, you will find that the picture is leaning against the building.
The image will show the whereabouts of another lamppost in the rear of the neighboring building with large barrels on the side, where you can find a moth.
These are just all places with images of moths, which we know about right now.
We are not sure how many of them, but we will update this page as we find more, so follow the updates.
Performing these tests is a great way to earn unique awards for your character and discover new locations and secrets around the world.
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