A Guide To Flying ooms And Creating Magical Creatures In Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy gives the player the possibility of visiting several essential classes for witches, such as Potions, Herbology, Defense against Dark Arts and oom Flight.
At one point you will be able to fly around the school of magic and witchcraft and several other fields to reach any faster mission.
Find out how.

How to fly a oom in Hogwarts Legacy?

For this you need to complete the first flight class.


It is very simple and works as a basic tutorial.
A student will call his avatar to go around Hogwarts and you must follow it learning to fly faster.
After that the flight will be available, but there are certain conditions:
Go to the oom store and sporting goods in Hogsmeade.
She is called Sports Giratranco-Itns
Buy any of the models (all cost 600 gold)
After having your own boomer a quest will be made available
After completing it you can improve your oom

How to use the oom in Hogwarts Legacy?

  • Go to a region that allows the flight with ooms
  • Hold the button that opens the Potions Menu (L1 on PS5 and LB on Xbox Series X | s)
  • Press Ball on PS5 or B on Xbox Series X | s
  • Areas that do not allow flight to appear an icon of a oom with a red stroke on the bottom left of its screen
    With this you will save a lot of time, you can avoid enemies that are very powerful or even prepare for surprise attacks on dark witch groups and goblins.
    In addition, you can arrive in places before inaccessible, such as mountain tops or towers.

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