The Last Of Us Part III: Whats Behind The Recent Review Bombing?

Despite presenting notable changes compared to the game, the third chapter of The Last of US series has been acclaimed as the best of the show so far.
However, the love story between Bill and Frank has not been to the pleasure of many people, since this episode has been attacked by the infamous Review Bombing.
Currently, the third chapter of The Last of Us has a 7.9 rating in IMDB.
Although this can be seen as a positive reception for many, its score is less than 9.2 and 9.3 that generated the first episodes of the series.
The reason?
Well, more than 27 thousand users have granted a single star on this occasion, and homophobia is the main responsible.
Most of the more than 27 thousand reviews of only one star have pointed out that this chapter has an agenda, pleases a specific audience, has alternative motifs.
Considering that in the series we openly see the relationship between Bill and Frank, many comments are plagued by homophobic opinions.
Fortunately, The Third Chapter of The Last of Us has also received perfect qualifications for more than half of the users who have taken the time to share their opinion on this site.
In related issues, it is revealed why the story of Bill and Frank changed in the series.


Similarly, the Last of Us will only have two seasons?
Editor’s note:
It is unfortunate that there are people who have this type of reactions.

The third chapter was beautiful, and showed us a relationship between two men who, except the context, is free of some tragedy, and instead presents us adorable moments that make us believe that love can be found in all the
possible sides.

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