Maxis Clarifies That The Next Sims Title Wont Be An MMO: Heres What To Expect Instead

The Sims Online was launched way back in 2002 and lasted until it was rebranded as EA-Land in 2007. The Sims Online eventually shuttered a year later on in 2008, bringing an end to the online experiment of its hit life simulation title.

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Something to keep in mind, Video game Director Grant Bodies specifies in the live stream, is that Project Rene is not an MMO. It is not this public, shared space where whatever you do is always with other individuals.

While we know that the next Sims title will have multiplayer, a brand-new live stream detailing current updates to The Sims 4 likewise started to talk about the franchise’s future in The Sims 5. As such, Maxis states that, in spite of speculation, the upcoming Sims title, code named Task Rene will not in reality be an MMO.

Maxis has actually shut that down in a recent declaration if you were hoping for a revival of The Sims Online.


Bodies goes on to describe that the co-op gameplay will transition on the gamers’ terms, letting them pick whether they wish to have fun with friends or just on their own. As a result, Bodies states that the group is seeking to keep that intimate, individual experience Sims is understood for while likewise exploring what you can do with good friends.

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