DCU Unveiled: Henry Cavill Is Still The Man Of Steel Despite James Gunns Comments

Filmmaker James Gun (Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, The Suicide Squad) and manufacturer Peter Saran have actually officially begun the reboot of the cinema universe of the Marvel competitor DC.
Throughout a press event, the 2 supplied detailed information about the numerous upcoming jobs of the so-called DCU Chapter One: Gods and Beasts.
So the name and the theatrical release of the brand-new Superman film was revealed.
They likewise surprised with a brand-new Batman who will have a son in the prepared motion picture The Brave and the Strong.
However, they also discussed the most current occasions around Henry Cavill, Dwayne The Rock Johnson and the other sawn-off performers of the previous DCE.


New DCU: What’s next with the old heroes?

Similar to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the new DCU is to end up being a corporation of cinema films and series, all of which are interlinked.
The actors of the TV adjustments must also play their heroes in the movie theater and vice versa.
The DCU is supposed to be a reboot, but James Gun and Peter Saran leave the door for the former performers large open.
The director of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy assures that The Flash, with the questionable Ezra Miller, turns into one of the best superhero films ever in the leading function.
He likewise assumes that Aquaman, the second part of which is because of pertain to cinemas at the end of 2023, is created as a trilogy.
James Gun sees no reason that Gal Gadot (Marvel Female) or Zachary Levi (Captain Marvel in Shazam) might not be part of the DCU.
With regard to the reports that Jason Momoa could handle the function of the anti-hero Logo, he made it clear that no star would take on 2 different roles in the brand-new DCU.

New DCU: Henry Cavill was not thrown out

Filmmaker James Gun then took a better look at Henry Cavill.
We haven’t fired Henry, he was simply never worked with, clarifies the brand-new strong male at DC.
He had a cameo appearance, but nothing more.

It is always about whom the filmmakers desire in the leading roles, James Gun continues.
It was clear to him that Henry Cavill will not return as a Superman.
I like Henry, he’s a great man, states James Gun the British actor.
I also believe that some people, even at DC, were not dealt with relatively. But from a variety of reasons, Henry won’t be my superman, James Gun clarifies.
After the feline of the filmmaker just recently had an angry fan, the filmmaker apparently wants to end the conversations about Henry Cavill as Superman at last.
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