What Princess Peach Would Look Like Without Makeup: A Digital Experiment


Princess Peach, one of the most striking and emblematic characters of the entire Nintendo Mario game franchise, has a not very spoken feature that draws a lot of attention.

Perhaps because it is a video game character that is purposely aesthetically perfect, many people have not noticed the princess’s marked and elongated lashes.
In addition to the perfect eye eyelashes that fits the unattainable physical attributes of a Disney Princess, Peach also has a pink mouth drawn with what we believe is a strong mouth pencil that eliminates the corners of his lips and the little one
Division of the upper lip-a makeup technique widely used by people looking to have a doll mouth.
You may be thinking what an exaggeration, it’s just a video game character.
However, we analyzed some pictures of Peach to make sure the princess’s makeup is reinforced.
Note, closely, the image below, in which the character is even using blush:
Now observe the same image, but edited by a Reddit user so that all makeup had been removed from the princess’s face:
In this image, we see that the eyelashes disappear, the cheeks are less pink and the princess’s lips are without that pink color that we get used to over the years.
Some users stressed that the lack of eyelashes shows that peach is naturally blonde, as very blonde people hardly have visible facials.
However, the user forgot to lighten the princess’s eyeow to make the naturalness even more realistic.
If the princess does not have visible lashes because of her hair color, she would not have light own tone eyeows either.
Two years ago, an artist whose Nickname is Serenafoxx had already published in his Deviant Art an example of how the princess would run out of makeup, but it was even further removing her lips and leaving her with dark circles.
Serenafoxx, however, decided to leave his eyelashes present, only with less mascara.
In addition to Peach, the character Daisy, also from the Mario franchise, has strong makeup characteristics with her eyelashes.
Unlike the princess, however, Daisy has only two strands of eyelashes strongly painted horizontally, a black-eye pencil marking the rest of her gaze and an orange lipstick that matches the details of her dress.

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