Starfield: Different Biomes On The Same Planet

From the deserts of Tattooing to the lush jungles of Gavin, fantasy and sci-fi worlds have often been divided into separate biomes that are home to different species, climates, and ecosystems. But what if you could explore a single world with multiple biomes? Find out in this article how Bethesda’s upcoming game Star field is introducing this exciting new concept!

In the upcoming sci-fi role-playing video game Star field, players will be in the vastness of deep space.
Thanks to countless procedurally created worlds, there will be no lack of interesting locations to check out.
Each world should represent a unique setting with private residential or commercial properties.

However, not only that. Even specific worlds will often have a number of various biomes.
On the official Italian Twitter account from Bethesda, with referral to an art work, it says as follows:

In Star field, every planet will have special biomes.


The flora and fauna that will be found reflect the characteristics of this area.
Star field is anticipated to appear in the very first half of 2023 for Xbox Series X | s, Xbox One and PC.

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