Advent Calendar: Day 17, Turtle Beach Dual Charging Station, 3x Cuphead, And More

The Advent Calendar is a Christmas tradition that involves opening a door each day to reveal a mystery prize. The doors in the calendar are revealed in order, with the first door revealed on December 1st and the final door revealed on Christmas Day. You can enter this contest by following us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and sharing our post.

In the Introduction calendar, terrific rewards and many video games are hidden every day, which we are distributing from all participants.
Every day you have the opportunity to win grandiose rewards with your 5 comments for 5 different news of the day.
It begins with 3x cup head!
The DISC version includes the Delicious Last Course extension with new bosses and the brand name brand-new character Ms. Chalice.
There are also the unique Cup head Funnies comic collection cards, the perfectly old-fashioned Cup head Club Membership card and a hand-painted turnaround.
Look forward to 6 single-strip comic collection cards that the Studio MDHR team adoringly identified and highlighted.
With such an insane introduction calendar with even insane rates every day, the insane goat should not be missing out on.
Newly packaged in Goat Simulator 3!
As if all of this wasn’t enough, there is still 2x Lego: Brick Tales.
With a bit of luck, you will quickly fall into a legendary adventure through a world complete of beautiful, stone for stone Lego-Diorama-Biome.
You can win a gripping area shooter with chorus if you might endure a little more action.
In the game you handle the function of NARA to destroy the dark cult that developed it.
Switches powerful weapons and supernatural skills in this next generation of the area shooter.
There is a special delicacy that Turtle Beach Fuel Double Charging Station, with which you can charge your controller and stow your headset.

Introduction calendar costs

  • 3x cup head disc incl. The Delicious Last Course DLC
  • 1x Goat Simulator 3-Disc-Shipping in January
  • 2x Lego Brick tales
  • Chorus-Disc-Shipping in January
  • 1x Turtle Beach Fuel Dual Charging Station

Introduction calendar competitors guidelines

Daily earnings: To be part of the velopment Calendar every day, you have to compose a minimum of 5 talk about five different news every day.


Anyone who wrote five various news remarks a day automatically ends up in the daily draw.
Process: We open a door in the advent calendar every day in the news of the day.
With your 5 discuss five various news of the day, you gather your involvement and instantly participate in the everyday introduction calendar draw.
Anybody who writes less comments a day does not wind up in the everyday draw.
Note: All winners will be notified about their profit through private message.
Spam note: The velopment calendar is about leaving his viewpoint in a good discuss 5 various news issues and not publishing the Arrival calendar news 5 times.
5 ordinary comments with a viewpoint on the subject on five various news on the exact same day.
Anybody who spams, their account will right away omit the draw and block it if required.
Similar to all competitors, the basic conditions of participation apply.

If you would like to support us in the future, leave a follow on our channels and share this door with your buddies:
Site: www.
The entire group keeps their fingers crossed for all individuals and want you a terrific introduction calendar time!
This calendar is our thanks to you for your support and your rely on us.
In addition, you have the alternative of winning a rare and strictly limited Fallout Pip-Boy Edition.
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However, that’s not all, due to the fact that by December 24, 2022, you can also win a Gotham Knights Collectors Edition worth 399.99 euros (RRP).
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