Whats The Best Way To Play Soothing Sofa Games With Friends?

Despite how good it is online connectivity, it is frustrating that it has produced largely at the cost of sacrificing the cooperative screen game divided into many games.
If you ask us, there is nothing better than a good cooperative game of sofa!
That is why we have compiled a list of the best Cooperative Sofa Games in PS4 to play with friends, so you don’t stay without fun moments to spend with your friends in the short term.

The best sofa cooperative games on PS4

two are required

One of the most recent offers of Haze light Studios, It Takes Two is easily one of the best sofa cooperative games for PS4 in a long time.
You and your choice playmate can immerse together in an imaginative world, solving riddles and participating in mischief while doing so.
It is a mandatory game for anyone who enjoys local multiplayer mode, so try it as soon as possible.

Residing 1 and 2

Recovered is frantic.
Recovered is crazy.
In a nutshell, Overcooked is one of the most entertaining sofa cooperative games ever created.
This endearing independent title is like a Hell’s Kitchen Digital where players will have to work together to prepare a storm while navigating some of the kitchens with the worst design never conceived.
Of course, everything is fun and games until your teammate becomes like Gordon Ramsay for your careless culinary skills.
Overcooked 2 adds even more crazy and new recipes for you and your friends to learn.

Rocket League

No one could have predicted that Rocket League, a game in which you play football with cars-propelled cars, would become such a phenomenon, but here we are.
On paper, everything sounds quite silly, but in practice, it is absolutely brilliant.
In cooperative mode, especially Rocket League is a total tip;
A game that triumphs because it is easy to learn and difficult to dominate.
But even when laughter are replaced by competitiveness, Rocket League is still up to a consummate sports game.
An essential game.


Sofa’s cooperative game is where the shooting game with two Helldivers sticks really stands out.
Up to four players land on the varied maps of the game, with the task of completing objectives and surviving the meetings with enemies.
There is a lot of diversity in their missions, which requires that teammates coordinate different roles, and each mission presents many vehicles and weapons, some specifically designed for the cooperative game.


He is an old man at this point, but it is still good.
Minecraft offers endless hours of fun and creativity for you and your family and friends who have time to sit down to play a fast game.
Build a farm together, make teleology, defend their home of the evil zombies and vines.
Minecraft is the perfect opportunity to present video games to their friends and let their creative muscles develop while they do.

Ascent to the fall of the tower

Tower fall Ascension is a true independent jewel, which has 2D sand-style fighting that echoes the incredible game formula of Smash Bros. although it could be said that its PVP game is the best multiplayer mode of Tower fall, there is also a lot of fun in the
Cooperative mode.
Players can wait for hours of entertaining and frankly hilarious action defending themselves from waves of enemies.
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Diablo III

The devilishly popular Diablo III arrived in PS4 in 2014 and, in addition to surprising us with its incredible campaign and its online modes, it also has a sweet local cooperative mode for two players.
But it becomes even better: both can simultaneously join an online session from the same console.

Plants against zombies: battle by Neighborville

The Plants vs Zombies franchise is quickly becoming a basic cooperative element on almost all platforms.
The last launch of 2019, Battle For Neighborville, is another great entry that allows you to fight in the suburbs with your friends on the couch.
There are a lot of new beautiful levels to see, along with unique classes and skills to experiment.


When it comes to pure gameplay, the developer House marque is a master class in art.
There are few who presume such an achieved curriculum, and alienation is their last triumph.
The alienation fight moves at the speed of lightning, with some of the most frantic scenes that dozen enemies presenting in a vibrant splatter of beautiful colors.
But alienation never feels out of control thanks to delicate controls and receptive gameplay.
It is easily one of the best cooperative experiences in PS4.

Dead Nation: Apocalypse edition

Before alienation appeared, we had Dead Nation: another House marque special.

Dead Nation is a game of shooting with two controls that has the same design achieved, beautiful graphics and an attractive gameplay.
It offers cooperative game throughout the entire series campaign, as well as specific complete multiplayer content.


EA has been modifying the FIFA formula for decades, but the game still presents a sofa cooperative game for up to four players.
Every year brings new characteristics and changes to FIFA physics, taking it further towards simulation than the most arcade inputs.
While this has sometimes spoiled the fluidity of the game in the past, FIFA 19 is absolutely one of the best versions ever created.

Hyperlink wanderer

The pixelated independent role play was a great success when it was launched last year, combining a 16-bit iconic style with modern mechanics.
In the cooperative mode, two players can face the main campaign of Hyper Light Drifter, although the second player cannot improve his vagabond or acquire new weapons.
On the other hand, the improvements, the new weapons and the skills are determined by the progress made by the first player.
While that is a bit frustrating, the ability of his game and the elegance of his design still make him an excellent cooperative experience from the couch.

Rayman Legends is the total cooperative package;

A hilarious platform game, with an endearing aesthetic and a wide range of levels and activities.
There are even a lot of remastering levels of the original Rayman that can also be played.
Rayman Legends admits up to four players locally, and each player can select between Rayman’s many colorful variations and his teammates.

Never alone is an adorable platform puzzles on an Alaska girl and her pet fox.

It shines more when you navigate the Arctic Tundra of the main campaign of the game with the help of a friend.
With a player controlling the girl and the other to the fox, a satisfactory amount of teamwork is required to navigate the puzzles, coordinating the different skills of the girl and her four-legged partner.
The history of the game touches Alaska’s culture, adding a bit of educational value.
This is a quiet and somewhat peaceful multiplayer experience that offers a rhythm change of the norm.

Sal and Sanctuary

Salt and Sanctuary is a beautifully animated 2D Souls.
And although sometimes it looks too much like the series in which it is inspired, the SALT and Actual Side Displacement game does enough to give a new turn to the procedures.
Its game mode is brutally challenging, but not unfairly, and the game is attached to a disturbing atmosphere.
Best of all, you can enjoy the entire campaign of approximately 30 hours in cooperation with a friend.

Crazy of the NFL

The sports title that started everything continues to produce first level football simulations.
Like FIFA for football, Madden is the favorite sports franchise of football fans, and it is also a favorite cooperative game for many.
Up to four players can enjoy local multiplayer mode.


An interesting mixture of Puzo and Tetris, this is a puzzle game that works well as a cooperative party title on the couch with friends, or simply as a simple puzzle game that you can play only for hours and hours.

We stopped

On paper, Badlands looks and sounds a bit basic, but don’t be fooled;
Quickly accelerate the rhythm and its game requires skill and precision.
In summary, this lateral displacement allows you to touch a single button to avoid enemies, using potentiates that give certain skills along the way.
However, cloning mechanics is its most prominent characteristic, since suddenly you multiply your character dozens of times.
There is a lot of innovation in its design, and adding another player for cooperative action doubles fun.

Borderlands: The collection of handsome

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection gathers Borderlands 2 and The Pre-Sequel.
Even better, there is a function that allows you to play with a friend in a cooperative mode on a divided screen, which admits two players.
Together, you and a friend can loot everything you want, defeat the greatest enemies together and try to reach the moon in a joint conquest.

Call of Duty: Modern War

Call of Duty never disappoints when it comes to local cooperative action.


The last entry, confusedly entitled Modern Warfare, is probably the darker game that the series has seen, but that does not mean that you cannot continue playing in local cooperative mode with your friends.
All classic game modes are back, and this is easy to recommend if you are looking for something fun for a game night.

Enter duration 1 and 2

Enter the Dungeon is a roguelike level design combination, shooting with two sticks and dodges the bullet hell.
The action moves at the speed of lightning and there is a true complexity in its combat that requires careful precision and synchronization.
There are four playable characters, each of which begins with a different weapon configuration, and the progression consists of gathering an arsenal of more than 190 different weapons.
The cooperative game is not as strict as the solo game, with some levels that feel a bit tight, but the explosive action of Enter The Dungeon is still wonderful with a friend.

Lara Croft: The temple of Osiris

Lara Croft: Temple of Osiris is the continuation of Guardian of Light, a Twin-Stick style shooting game from top to bottom that portrays Lara more closely with the tropes of the original games.
The cooperative game works very well and is one of the most outstanding characteristics of the game.
Up to four players can join to navigate the various puzzles of the grave and shoot against enemy hordes, wrapped in a fairly decent story.


2 It is practically an impressive improvement and a step forward in every way with respect to its predecessor.
As a Metroidvania Brawler in 2D with Mexican theme, you can join your friend to make your way through a group of fun and colorful bosses, and explore together a wonderfully beautiful world.

Tales of Hesperia: final edition

It may be a remastering of a fairly old game, but it still remains quite well in the PS4.
However, best of all, Tales of Hesperia: Definitive Edition also has a local cooperative.
It is not the main approach of the game, but two players can still take control of two separate characters during the combat encounters to shake things a bit.

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