Nexon Announced The Latest Update To CSO (Cas Online)

Nixon (CEO Lee Dungeon) announced on the 16th that it has launched an FPS Game Counter-Strike Online (hereinafter referred to as Ca’s Online).


First, a new balance patch is applied to the Zombie Occupation (BETA).
You can freely organize the team from at least 3 to 10 people, and the one base play time will increase from 120 seconds to 135 seconds.
Ganymede and Deimos are added as zombies that can be used in two and three bases, and you can experience various changes such as reducing the waiting time for human and zombie resurrection.

Nixon will hold a snowflake event that will be able to acquire various decoders by December 29 to commemorate the Fiesta 2nd Update.
It offers snowflake and various decoders in 15 minutes and 30 minutes. If you achieve 30 kill points in zombie mode, you will receive an additional snowflake when you achieve PT 10 minutes in difficulty in the difficulty of zombie scenario mode.
Snowflakes can be exchanged for various decoders such as rare detoxification, transcendental detox, event detoxification, and transcendental premium detoxification depending on the cumulative number.

At the same time, various events and abundant gifts were prepared for Christmas.
By December 29th, only once per account will provide six Christmas items such as Christmas Hat Set, Christmas Spray, and Santa Light Zombie.
If you open the golden box with the Christmas Golden Key, which was acquired according to the cumulative play time until December 28, you can receive various gifts such as Nixon Cash, various dining gifts, and game items.
In addition, on December 25th, Christmas fonts and three event decryption will be given to achieve 10 minutes of play time on Christmas day, and a special Christmas special medal will be given when achieving 60 minutes.

For more information on the Class Online Fiesta 2nd Update and Events, please visit the official website.

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