The Callisto Procedure Callisto Credits and where you get them

Callisto’s credits are the main currency in the Callisto protocol
They can be discovered in various locations in the area and enable them to purchase consumables and improve their equipment and weapons in reference.
Where can you get the Callisto credits of the Callisto protocol?
This guide leads you through the techniques with which you can gather money in the game while you are on your escape from Black Iron Prison.
As quickly as you have Callisto credits, you can work to find all weapons of the Callisto procedure and to select the very best upgrades in the Callisto procedure for weapons and equipment.

How to get Callisto credits for the Callisto procedure.

There are a variety of ways to preserve and make the Callisto credits of the Callisto protocol:
Discover them in the area
Of corpses of enemies
From enemies after they have actually stepped on them
Discover short articles for sale in the area
Sell consumables and ammunition
Find chests
You will find Callisto credits most regularly by merely discovering them in the location on racks, in cabinets and in drawers.
These are small bundles of credit that you can select up.
Likewise, little credit bundles can sometimes fall off the corpses of dead enemies after they have eliminated them.
When they mark them, and normal enemies drop a similar amount.
The more strenuous methods to earn Callisto credits need you to search for some levels.
The first method you can get them is to discover scrap items and things that you can offer in case of recommendation.
This includes objects such as printers, decoders, energy converters and other objects that have no advantage apart from the sale.
As soon as, these give you big quantities of Callisto credits that can bring you a couple of upgrades at.
In addition to the sale of these short articles, you can also sell typical consumables and ammunition if you have many of them that you will not utilize.
These can also be cost reforest and health injectors and GRP Battery Packs, include bigger amounts of credits compared to ammunition.
You can also discover chests in secret rooms around the chapters of the Callisto procedure.


These chests include a few of the above-mentioned selling products and can also include large quantities of Callisto credits.
There are just a couple of chests, so you do not anticipate you to find lots of chests in the location.
And there you have some of the most crucial methods to keep and make the Callisto credits of the Callisto protocol.
To get the very best out of your credits, you need to make sure that you discover all the weapons places of The Callisto Protocol that are spread over the levels.
As soon as you have a preferred weapon, you can work to improve you, for which we have additional pointers in our walkthrough for the Callisto protocol.

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