Scarlet and Purple Pokemon: The ultra -grape technique for 1000 steps evolutions

In scarlet and purple Pokémon, there are 400 Pokémon and many ways of evolving some of them, sometimes not very obvious. Specific evolution stones, exchange with other players or simply reach a required level, the methods differ according to the Pokémon in question.

But those who interest us today evolve in another way: they must take at least 1,000 steps by your side outside the Poke Ball before they can change shape.

Ahead !

To evolve, three Pokémon in the game require you to walk 1,000 steps by your side. This is the case of Rambling, Paw mo and Mellor, who need a small walk to evolve Brambleghast, Paw mot and Rascal, respectively.


To do this, you must use the command Go ahead! Using the R button on your console to get your Pokémon from your Puebla and let it walk by your side. Walk through the city to take ice cream or fight outdoors, whatever the excuse, as long as your Pokémon is walking by your side, it works. Well, it is true that 1000 steps sometimes may seem like many… but there is a fairly intelligent technique to facilitate the work if you are not very walking!

to go around like a dog

In this video, we can see the player take out his paw mo using the command Go ahead! and then get on the roof of a Pokémon center. The particularity here is that instead of the little Paw mo joining him on the roof, he begins to give endless walks in circles.

It turns out that these steps have for the 1000 necessary for their evolution and, therefore, allows you to become multitasking in real life while you expect your Pokémon to increase your steps. Once the 1000 steps are reached, it can evolve after the next battle, if it remains alive.

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