Everything is possible Saudi

Nevertheless, the five-time world football gamer had actually stated a few days ago that he had actually currently rejected a highly doped deal by a Saudi association.

The s minister likewise validated the wish to bring out the 2030 World Cup in Saudi Arabia. Every nation on the planet wish to host the World Cup, he stated. The kingdom is planning a joint application with Greece and Egypt.

Saudi Arabia’s s minister hopes for a dedication to soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo in the league of the golf state. Everything is possible, I would like to see him playing in the Saudi league, stated Prince Abdulaziz Bin Turks appraisal about the Portuguese, whose contract had just recently been resolved on top English club Manchester United.

Saudi Arabia has significantly heightened its investments in global in the last few years. Billions were invested in the LIV profile series and the Premier League club Newcastle United was adopted by a Saudi state fund. Ronaldo’s Argentine Rival Lionel Messi likewise acts as the nation’s tourism ambassador.


It would benefit the league, the entire country and would influence the youth, stated Al-Faisal. Ronaldo is a good example for lots of children and has a large fan base in Saudi Arabia.

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