Faker at Valorant? LOL star shines in the first casual match and ends as MVP

A few weeks after the defeat to DRX in the large World 2022 final, the T1 players participated in a casual value of Valorant in a live team live, Zeus, but the highlight of the game was the middle Faker. Largest League of Legends player of all time. Although he was playing Riot Games FPS for the first time, Faker got a Tribe Kill in his first game and was elected the second MVP.


Initially, Zeus opened Live to play League of Legends and later Overwatch. At one point, Faker invited his teammate to play Valorant, but Zeus said he didn’t like Riot’s FPS. Despite the initial refusal, Faker argued that an Overwatch Live would displease Riot, and gained support from Beria support.

Four, Faker says he had never played Valorant in his life, and Zeus replies that he had never even tested Riot’s FPS either. Shortly after, the players finally decide to download the game. On the Haven, Faker, Zeus and Company map lost 8-4 when the opposing team gave up the match. Still, when T1’s middle team lost 7-1, Faker got a Triple Kill with the characters ova and celeated the feat

The second match of LOL’s runner-up lineup was on the Ascent map, and from this the game was completed with a striking defeat by 13 to 5. Even with the team’s widely unfavorable score, Faker had a prominent performance with the character Phoenix, with 13 slaughter and 14 deaths, and was elected MVP of his team

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