How to defeat the Lychete in the game from Dusk Till Dawn in Evil West

The evil West contrasts a hard speaker-shooter with the powerful forces of undead. In the role of Jesse Radar you will have to fight werewolves, vampires, demons and many others to save the border. One of the first repeating bosses is a huge beast named a leech that uses a shield to protect. It is strong and deadly, but as soon as you learn the tricks, you can defeat it.

defeat the voucher in Evil West

Beecher, in fact, is a much larger version of the standard enemy Infected Vessel. Traditions describe it as a vessel for the transforming elixir of vampires, which grows to huge sizes in order to support the lives of its parasitic owners. It is introduced at the beginning of the fourth mission, immediately after you receive Renter Broomstick.

Beecher uses a massive shield to protect itself from attacks. You cannot shoot or beat it in front of he has a shield. You can fight him at a distance, evading his attack and shooting him in the back. It would be even easier in a cooperative, since one player can attract the attention of the beast while the other shoots. However, in order to inflict real damage, you must break its shield.

To break the leech shield, hit it in close combat. He will begin to glow blue when he gets damage. The most effective way to destroy the shield is to use booms tics. Apply a couple of blows in the near battle on the shield to soften it, and then shoot him from the shotgun. After its shield is destroyed, you can start the attack.

Although the voucher has a shield, he has three main attacks. He has a shell that moves on the ground, a charger and a blow in close combat. Without a shield, he has more blows from close range with massive limbs and shock in a jump with a huge area of action. You can shoot freely at the leech when its shield is lowered, but the best way to kill her is to stay in front of her face.

The lace can be killed with electric shock, only reflecting one of its unprotected hand-to-hand attacks or with a crippling wand. You will encounter a beast at several levels, so every time you will be easier. In later meetings, use a crippling rod shortly after the destruction of its shield to get a little free damage from a combo with electric shock.

The leech applies a lot of damage and attacks quite quickly, but you can evade its attacks, and its shield can be broken. Just howl on the shield, when possible, widely use the broomstick and evade his strong waves to destroy this clumsy monster.

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