Wild Rift: Pro Players detonate Riot at the end of the competitive scenario

After Riot Games announced on Monday (21) the end of the official competitive scenario of Wild Rift in azil and throughout the West, several azilian pro players went to social networks to criticize the posture of the developer, which in practice supported the practice Official competitions in the country for less than 2 years. The criticism ranges from the rapid end of the championships to the Riot statement.

Champion of the first season of the Wild Tour 2022 by Omega E-Sports and one of azil’s representatives at Icon 2022, the only Wild Rift World Cup in history, the to planer Francisco Hula Santos, a magic Squad player, said he was wrong in the bigger Life issue by dropping studies to focus on Wild Rift’s competitive.

o I just made a mistake in the biggest question of my life, study or follow my dream. What is life? A joke? I will regret it all my life, straight chat. I had spent at UFE in computer science and I came to play This trash, he said.

Opening Photo: Cesar Galeão and uno Altars / Riot Games

Also champion of the 1st stage of the Wild Tour 2022 by the Omega e-Sports, the support Mathews Selina Seraphic was another that spared no criticism of Riot, citing the community’s effort to maintain the competitive scenario amid rumors already circulated in the end Weekend. Despite the disappointment with the developer, Selina said she will dedicate herself to the Honor of Kings competitive, Mob for Wild Rift’s competing mobile phones.

It’s not because Wild Rift ended the competitive I will give up on living my dream. I played for this time I learned of the Wild Rift announcement and I intend to prepare for the Honor of Kings competitive, he said on Twitter.

Liberty player, Gaiel Vaporizer Oliveira also went to social networks and made an ironic post about the decision of Riot Games to end Wild Rift’s competitive.

Relax, ‘Guys’. They so (sic) giving time and space for the community to grow organically. They keep working on a nonexistent competitive, receiving the famous cost of $200, and dedicate that we will be rewarded in the future The Pro Player fired.


Paulo Henrique Pilot, now former TSM support, also accused Riot gave false hopes to the community with a supposed calendar for the 2023 season, especially for the game’s female scenario.

What tilt is most of them besides having given the false hope that we would have a fucking calendar next year. They also made the scenery mines create gigantic hope and do it, what a frustrating, he said.

Vito Had Stars and Wild Circuit azil 2022, Pro Player Wendell Odysseus Gomes classified as Madness Riot’s decision to end Will Rift in azil. The publication was made on November 19, when the first rumors came about the end of the official championships in azil.

I dropped everything to play Wild Rift in 2021 and do you think this was crazy? Crazy is Riot trying to end the competitive here in the West after all that happened, he said at the time. After confirming the news, Odysseus made a new publication answering his own question, Yes, it was crazy.

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