Absurd play of pre

League of Legends players are so far, enjoying most of the changes introduced into the preseason, but many members of the community have been remarkably dissatisfied with the adjustments introduced in Patch 12.22.

This is an especially noticeable problem when we pay attention to new tanks focused items. Some of these items were very powerful in certain situations, leading to completely ridiculous moments when the champions hardly receive damage from the enemy.

A play that reveals the changes in Riot Games

Although you are too early to criticize Riot Games for change, the truth is that the community did not expect such glaring changes.

The professional player Practice showed a fragment of more than half a minute where he continually attacks a rival rain, but realizes that none of his basic attacks (not even critics) are able to subtract 100 points of his own life being an Aphelion with two items.

Although CHO’Path is a little ahead of their opponents thanks to gold and team level, this does not make it less remarkable than the base damage reduction that can be achieved in League of Legends after the preseason is excessive.

Mainly because it affects the category of champions that would ‘counterattack’ tanks, which would be the gunmen precisely.

With the item galvanized steel boots, the damage to all basic attacks is reduced by 12%. At this value we would have to add the two passives of the Rangoon omen item.

One decreases the damage received by each attack based on maximum health (21 points with 4,500 health), and the other reduces the damage caused by critical attacks by 20%.


All this, added to the ability to get 415 armor points with only three items, gives rise to the effect we can see in the absurd play represented above.

Although it seems impossible to believe by looking at the images, two of the tank items (JAK’Who, the fickle and radiant virtue) are receiving buffs in an emergency patch that comes soon to League of Legends.

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