[Photo] This is the booth of the main sponsor, Wemade G -Star 2022

Remade, the main sponsor of G-Star 2022, has a huge booth inside the BEX CO Exhibition Hall.

With the slogan Life is game, Remade prepared the G-Star, filled one wall of the first exhibition, with various event booths and huge stages. There is no game demonstration space, but the new Night Crowd and Legend of imagers can be found on the big pillar of the booth.

In addition, various sessions such as social fitness reward sneakers, Web3 project tangles, and meths platform project bagels are composed of experiential events. Visitors can take the entire Remade booth and participate in the event and receive the gifts.

Remade uses half of the booth as a huge stage, and will hold a large-scale stage event and event. You can watch quiz shows, user team competitions, cosplay performances, famous streamers, and developers.

Remade’s G-Star 2022 stage event and booth information can be found on the official website. Remade booths can be found in the first exhibition and BEX CO outdoors.

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