Announced Game Pass games of the second half of November

It’s already Tuesday from the middle of the month, so it’s time to talk about Microsoft’s new announcement about Game Pass games. We are talking about the second half of November, which will arrive with 8 more titles that will join the Service catalog from Thursday, November 17, until day 30.


The first of these days is the one that is stronger, because it will bring four games in total. One is Dune: Spice Wars in the form of Game Preview for PC, this RTS set in the universe of Frank Herbert that, in fact, has been nominated for the Best Strategy Game Award in the TGA. Another of them is Ghost lore, an RPG of action inspired by games like Diablo 2 that will also arrive as an anticipated access in computers.

The same day 17 Nor co will arrive at consoles and the cloud eight months after its premiere at the PC Game Pass, a formidable point and click that can also be played with the texts in Spanish. The last of this Thursday is the 2D lapin platforms, which comes to launch all the subscription platforms and in which we will put ourselves in the skin of some explorers who are discovering the world.

On Tuesday, November 22, Grave G.O.R.E. In Xbox, Cloud and PC. This third-person shooting game will have much of the cast of the original title released 20 years ago in PS2, and it seems clear that grace will be its brightness for the charism and style that gives off what has been seen so far from its bloody fighting.

You have to go to Tuesday 29 to talk about another pair of titles, Insurgency: Sandstorm and Soccer Story. The first is a first-person shooter with tactical components published by Focus Home Interactive in 2018, while the second, which comes to launch all systems, is a curious RPG based on physics where we will have to restore the foundations themselves of football as we know him after his destruction by calamity ™.

The last one on the list of a 40,000 Warhammer: Dark tide that Day One will leave on November 30 for PC, which will take us to a new shooting game at the height of what the Warhammer series usually offers.

It is not bad either to remember the two games that are included today, but that corresponded to the announcement of the first fortnight of the month. From now on we can play Sentiment and Somerville through Game Pass, and you can read the analysis of both titles on our website: here you have the first one and this is that of the second.

Nor can they stop mentioning the games that will leave the catalog of this service at the end of the month, of course, with eight of them in total that will go on November 30. They will be Arch vale, Deeper Simulator, Final Fantasy XIII-2, Mind Scanners, Mortal Shell, Space Warlord Organ Training Simulator, Dungeon and Warhammer 40,000 Battle sector.

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