What scores did the development team give to Star Ocean 6? From the background of a novel system such as VA to recommended strategy [Interview]

In 1996, the first memorable series Star Ocean was released. At that time, there were still many turn-based RPGs, and we introduced a battle that incorporates real-time properties. In addition, the story that incorporates the rare science fiction elements in RPG attracted attention and gave a certain presence.

With such a popularity, the series was developed, and in 1998, Star Ocean Second Story and Star Ocean Till The End of Time appeared steadily, in 2003. To go.

In addition, the Star Ocean series, which shows a variety of spreads, such as remakes of past works, garden works, nominalization, and TV animation, on the other hand, on the other hand, there are quite a few scenes where the series fans are waiting for new developments. Was.

The latest number of this series Star Ocean 6 The Divine Force (hereinafter Star Ocean 6) will be released on October 27. Many people are already playing this work, and the response to the response is spreading to SNS.

Star Ocean 6 is a new system called Vanguard Assault, which inherits the science fiction element, which is the appeal of the series, while moving short distances at high speed. In addition, the battle tempo is also a Star Ocean suitable for the age of the peace, with the action RPG and the speediness.

How was Star Ocean 6, which combines unwavering charm and novel elements? Also, what was the reason why the Vanguard Assault was born? Many people are worried about this because it is an attractive work.

This time, we invited producer Shinto Must Pass and Ken taro Alabama (Arakudentaro) to answer many questions.

There are plenty of stories that could not be heard before the release, such as stories that can be said now and recommended development teams, so not only those who are playing, but also those who are worried whether to play Star Ocean 6, this interview. How about a reference?

■ How did you prepare VA and Double Hero System?

── First, please introduce yourself to the readers.

Shinto Must Pass: This is Must Pass of Trace, who was in charge of producer in Star Ocean 6. We managed the whole development and did various things.

Ken taro Alabama: This is Alabama of Trace, who served as the director. I was in a position to supervise the development, decided to overcome the system other than the planning book, and in consult with each person in charge.

── Then, first, please tell us the reason why this work was developed.

Must Pass: In this series, Star Ocean: Anamnesis appeared for smartphones after Star Ocean 5-Integrity and Faithlessness-, which is the previous work of the numbering. This is the first background that Anamnesis was a hit and was accepted by users.

The previous work Star Ocean 5 was created as a traditional work for past series fans, aiming for the reboot of the series. However, Star Ocean 5 did not have a very good result, but on the other hand, Anamnesis, which has changed its policy, has been widely accepted, as the number of new users has increased.

With the success of this Anamnesis, the flow of developing Star Ocean 6 was born, and the direction was decided, Let’s aim for a new Star Ocean by taking advantage of the reflection of Star Ocean 5.

However, even if the new Star Ocean is said to be Star Ocean, it is a work that can be used by new users while inheriting the elements that were popular in Anamnesis. Development has started to do so.

──What is the element of Star Ocean 6?

Must Pass: In Anamnesis, there was an attack method called Charge Salt, which gave the battle a speedy comfort. We decided to introduce this Speedy Battle into this work, and a higher system called Vanguard Assault (hereinafter referred to as VA), which developed Charge Salto.

This VA is a very important factor in enjoying Star Ocean 6. DUMP enables VA, which is indispensable for game systems, but DUMP is an important character related to the story.

── The existence of DUMP is deeply involved in various actions and stories.

Alabama: Yes. The policy of Star Ocean 6 has solidified, centered on this DUMP.

─。 The direction of Star Ocean 6 was the most popular elements that were popular in Anamnesis into Vanguard Assault and DUMP, which played it, is located. By the way, did you have any goals you aimed for when developing this work?

Must Pass: Star Ocean 5 aimed at the reboot of the series. And in Star Ocean 6, I had a strong feeling that I have to make a game that has a tricky trace unique to TRI Ace.

I felt that it was not enough at the level like Let’s go beyond Star Ocean 5, and I was conscious of making a game that can be accepted by new users.

──In what aspect of the work, make it properly?

Must Pass: For example, it is a volume, a character, or a trace-like battle system. I felt that it would be bad if I didn’t put out the best in the series.


─ Is there any conscious user base for developing?

Must Pass: Some series fans like trace games, so I thought that I had to leave the part of Triace-like.

On the other hand, the new users who have increased in Anamnesis are also very important, and they were developing on both sides so that they could play.

─。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。 The scenes at the beginning are completely different, and in the occasions where they parted, I felt very bold because there was no way to know the actions on the side that did not choose directly. How was this double hero system born?

Must Pass: The second work Star Ocean Second Story in the series has a Double Hero System, which was popular. For this reason, as we talked with Square Enix, we received a request to do a double hero system from a relatively early stage.

To be honest, it’s hard to make it (laughs). For users who play only one game, they can’t see the other scenario. However, you have to make it (because it is a double hero system). In that case, it is easy to say that it is better to see everything with one.

However, the Double Hero System of Second Story was very popular at the time, and there was also a pleasure to be pleased with the players who play multiple times. As a result, it was said, It’s hard, but let’s do it.

── I see. You know the hardships and still hired.

Must Pass: It was really hard in terms of production (laughs).

─ In terms of the game system, there is also a system called Esther Cage that seals VA, which can be said to be the sale of this work, and turns the power of DUMP on the defense surface. I was very surprised to use this, because it would change the way we fight using the VA attack. Please tell us about this Esther Cage.

Alabama: VA Attack is a system that is very easy to understand for the purpose you saw, and you can carry the battle very advantageously, but there is a fear that if you do this alone, the capture will be overturned.

Therefore, we prepared an Esther Cage as a defense system that is worth using it even if you seal the VA attack. By pouring the power of DUMP to one person and attacking with an emphasis on attacking using VA or blind side, or giving the whole friend to DUMP to solidify defense, or present the choice. I thought that the width of the battle would be expanded.

─ This is my own experience, but if you use the VA attack, you can enjoy the battle quite exhilarating and advantageously, but if you are driven into a distress due to mistakes in judgment and operation, what will you easily annihilate? There was also a degree. As a self-specific speculation, is the Esther Cage one aspect of relief measures for these players?

Alabama: If you play with the default difficulty, you can get out to some extent by pushing the VA attack. However, it is one of the features of this work that the high degree of freedom in battle, such as Link Combo, which customizes skills and customizes items, and equipment with special effects, is also a high degree of freedom in battle.

There are many systems that can be effective if each element is used properly according to the situation, so we prepared to be aware that there are other means instead of just pressing with VA attack. I think that these benefits can be especially realized by raising the difficulty of the game.

──The battle centered on VA Attack is certainly attractive, but the battle of Star Ocean 6 does not need to be tied to it.

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