Wemade, full repayment of borrowings in coco apnance… Efforts to release investments

[ Moon Byung-soo reporter] Remade will repay all the cocoa finance loans. At the four major virtual asset exchanges in Korea, ‘Remix’ has solved one of the causes designated as a significant event.

Remade announced on the 10th that it has decided to repay the borrowings to release the collateral of the collateral deposited by the Cocoa Finance. We are looking for various methods to unlock the collateral deposited in the cocoa finance, and we are trying to minimize the risk of liquidation due to the increase in price volatility of the grim mix due to the designation of investment oil..

In addition, As a result, the recent repayment of the recent KSD has significantly lowered the rental balance and the mortgage rate, but it is necessary to repay the full amount of coco-sided borrowings because it is necessary to respond more actively to fundamentally restore the trust of the community and exchanges. I decided to.

The resource for repayment has decided to collect some initial liquidity provided by the Social Dollar and various depending on protocols since the launch of the Social Spy.

Initially, weighing spies are not the goal of maximizing the TVL, but the right to publish a level of mimics that are appropriate for the size and vitality of the ecosystem, and we believe that we have settled without any problems. The liquidity reduction does not affect the WEG Mix Dollar and Semi Mix Pie.

In addition, We reaffirmed the visual difference on the distribution that caused the designation of investment oil with the community and exchanges, and reaffirmed that the expansion of the ecosystem and the protection of investors is an important project value. We will reinforce the asset management system to restore the trust of the community and exchanges, further strengthen, and contribute to the expansion of the ecosystem, the growth of the community, and the success of the investor.

Mix, meanwhile, was designated as a stock of investment oils due to the difference between the distribution volume and actual distribution planned from the Korea Digital Asset Exchange Joint Council (DATA) on the 27th of last month. The company has expressed its intention to call for the release of investments.

In addition, the Digital Asset Exchange Joint Council extended the designation period of the Wit Mix. Initially, the council planned to decide whether to abolish the listing of the Remix on the 11th, but the extension measures were delayed on the 17th.

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