Webboard game deregulation impact, turning to Neowiz 3Q 3Q

Neo wiz announced its 3Q results on the 10th and 2022. Revenue rose 22% YoY to W74.9bn, and operating profit was W5.2bn and net profit was 8.1 billion won, respectively, to a 6% decrease from the same period last year.

This year’s surplus was significantly influenced by the deregulation of web board games, launching new works, and large-scale updates. The sales of the PC/console division increased by 13% year-on-year, with the diversification of sales of DJ Max Respect V and the entry of the game pass. The mobile division sales increased 14% year-on-year, with a large-scale content update to celebrate the first anniversary of cats and soup launches.

Neo wiz will continue to actively try to diversify the game genre and expand the platform. First, various new works will be presented from 4Q to 2023. From the 24th, SRPG Master of Knights, Visual Nobel RPG Brown Dust Story, and casual healing adventure game Aka will be released in the fourth quarter. In addition, in 2023, Neo wiz’s most anticipated work, P, will be released.


In addition, several new lineups such as O My &, Cannabis, and Brown Dust 2, the next work using existing IPs such as cats and soup, our own web 3 blockchain game platform intella X development and blockchain game onboarding It also expands its business influence.

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