Sword art sequel to online progressive spears new trailer

Currently, the cinemas in Japan have become madness due to the premiere of Sword Art online -Progressive-Scherzo of Deep Night , a film that has made its way as one of the box office successes of this autumn. This acceptance by the public is due in large part to the anime, since in these same moments it is taking a pause.


Although an international release date for the film has not yet been established, fans can see how much it happens in the new arch with the most recent progress that highlights some of its most important fights in the film.

Here the official trailer shared by Triplex , this on its YouTube channel :

This is the synopsis of the game:

Only two months have passed since they were trapped in the death game that is Sword Art online, and Akihito and Asana continue their fight at the forefront of progress through the game. The fifth floor of Aircraft is a labyrinthine ruin, and the two dare to enjoy assaulting it for the treasure it contains. Upon returning to the fourth floor, it is time to make some searches on behalf of the Lord of the Ellis, but here the discontent of Asana begins, because in doing so they will have to face the least favorite monster of all.

For now, there is no confirmation of when it will be released in America.

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