The 10 best films similar to About Time

Choosing what romantic comedy see below can be a complicated decision. They can go from garbage to fall in love instantly from the idea of being in love. Therefore, if you find a film with a specific theme within the romantic comedy category that you really like, it makes sense that you want to watch similar movies. Therefore, you are here because you love about Time. While it is not easy to find a movie that coincides, here is our attempt to top 10 best movies as it was time .

The time of the traveler in time (2009)

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Rachel McAdams seems to like to star in films on time travel, even if she does not dedicate herself to travel in time. Again, transmitted through the family, time trip appears in this film as a genetic disorder. The protagonist Henry (Eric Band) involuntarily jumps over time and ends up visiting Clare (Rachel McAdams) at different times of his life. The fact that you cannot control your trips makes it difficult for romance to develop without problems.

The traveler’s wife in time is not objectively as good as About Time. However, it has the same theme and it was so popular that HBO resumed the story and adapted it to a television program in 2022. If you like to think about free will and determinism, this is a good option.

50 First Quotes (2004)

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50 first quotes starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore in one of the most fun and more clichés romantic comedies in history. While neither the time trip nor the science fiction elements guide the film, Lucy (Drew Barrymore), the main character, has short-term memory loss. As a result, he wakes up every morning without remembering the day before. When Henry (Adam Sandler) realizes his reality, he decides to impress it every new day. Therefore, it is as if he could go back in time and alter his perception of him, giving him a second, third and fourth opportunity to do well.

This is definitely the funniest movie on this list, but it still has an inspiring message. Every day is a new opportunity to improve and impress the people we love.


Ruby Esparas (2012)

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Ruby Sparks takes the fantasy of romantic comedies to a new place. When Calvin (Paul Dan), who is a novelist, finds no inspiration to write his book, nor can he develop lasting relationships, go to therapy. Following your therapy session and a consistent dream, create a character named-you guessed it-Ruby Sparks. And he falls in love with the character. The fantastic happens when Ruby (Zoe Kazan) appears in front of him and has to navigate his new reality.

Palm Springs (2020)

Image Source: Hulu, Neon

Staying in a time loop is not a new concept, however, Palm Springs tries to approach the genre with different lenses, almost making a parody of himself. This time, two strangers, played by Andy Sam berg and Cristina Militia, are at a wedding when they are trapped. As if the whole issue of repeating the same day was not stressful enough, imagine having to share that experience with the same person every day. You are in a good moment!

Your name (2016)

Image Source: Too

This Japanese animated film is completely different compared to the rest of the entries on this list, but summarizes the feeling you have when you see about Time. The truth is that this is one of those cases in which the less you know about the plot, the better.

To have a general idea, this is a fantasy in which a girl and boy exchange their bodies and get messages through space. However, it is much more than that thanks to the images and score that completely love the viewer.

Definitely, maybe (2008)

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With Ryan Reynolds as the protagonist, this film travels in time in a way that is not science fiction. Will, the character of Reynolds, is going through a divorce and decides to tell his daughter the story of how he met his mother. While telling that story, remember the past relationships and understand where things went wrong in his love life.

Maybe is an endearing and fun trip, where the romantic relationship is not the only focus, giving space to Will’s relationship with his daughter.

The era of Adaline (2015)

Image Source: Lions gate

After being involved in an accident, Adaline (Blake Lively) stops age at 29. While the world continues to change, Adaline is still the same, and she never faces her fears, until she finds 1. In the end, this story leaves the viewer in the hope of finding love, regardless of how many years I take.

Before the trilogy (1995, 2004, 2013)

Image Source: Columbia Pictures

If there are films that take the time seriously, those are Before Sunrise, Before Sunset and Before Midnight. The trilogy premiered for a period of 18 years, a film every nine years, so we can follow the aging of the characters in real time. While in terms of the plot, these can be the simplest on the list, they are also the most beautiful. In this trilogy, we follow Jesse (Ethan Hawks) and Celine (Julie Delay) while wandering through different European cities, we listen to their conversations and witness the development of their relationship.

With a dream cinematography, these films illustrate the different phases of a relationship and what can happen to a couple over time.

Midnight in Paris (2011)

Image Source: Sony Pictures

Yes, Rachel McAdams is also in this, although this time with a secondary role. It appears as Gil’s fiancée (Owen Wilson), the protagonist. While their relationship has always been marked by different objectives, the gap between the couple is extended when they travel to Paris and Gil begins to travel in time.

In this film, we can see an Owen Wilson punished giving life to a character who lives in denial with respect to his current situation and finds escapism by returning to the past and romanizing him. While this could be one of the most serious films on the list, her images make her very magical and comforting to see.

With Love, Rosie (2014)

Image Source: Lions gate

Love, Rosie is a story about the right person at the wrong time. Rosie (Lily Collins) and Alex (Sam Chaplin) have known each other and have been best friends since the age of five, but only when they are much older develop romantic feelings by each other. However, certain decisions they make send them in opposite directions. No matter how many times this happens over the years, they find the way back to each other… as friends.

This film treats issues that go beyond romantic relationships, such as being a teenage mother. In the end, it makes you ask you if there is a second chance that the right person at the wrong time can become the right person at the right time, or if the luggage they carry changes who they are and how you feel for them.

That is an end in our list at the top 10 best films as it was time . How did you feel about our selections? Did we miss something? Let it know in the usual place below. Be sure to search to get more content related to entertainment, including our selections of the 10 best fear movies for 13-year-old children and 10 worst superhero movies of all time.

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