Criticism of the opening conditions of the new hero Ramatra of Overwatch 2. The hero is the other side of the battle pass

Blizzard Entertainment (BLIZZARD) announced on November 5 the new hero Sumatra for Overwatch 2 . Sumatra will be released at the same time as Season 2, which will begin on December 7. However, some players have gathered criticisms in how to obtain Sumatra.

Sumatra is an comic tank hero. Similar to the new hero Kirk added in Season 1, players can purchase Premium Battle Pass in in-game currency and get Sumatra immediately. Or you can also get a free battle path to level 55. After the season, it seems that it will be available in the in-game currency, overwatching.

The players and famous live commenters are disagreeing about such a method of obtaining. For example, Styles posts Overwatch 2 related content on YouTube or Twitch. He is a popular person on YouTube, with more than 730,000 subscribers. He posted a video on November 7 that pointed out problems with the battle pass system. Among them, Sumatra and the added heroes are concerned about the impact on gameplay that are locked in the battle pass. He pointed out that the compatibility between heroes is particularly important in Overwatch 2, and that Sumatra is indispensable. We are worried that gameplay may be in gap depending on whether they own a hero opened by the battle pass.


Styles also mentions the difference between Season 1 and Season 2’s battle pass. Kirk, a supported hero that can be opened in Season 1, was able to unlock immediately if the owner of the previous work Overwatch. However, after Season 2, all players must take the same unlock procedure. In addition, the previous work Overwatch was a newly implemented hero, and all players were able to use it immediately. Based on these points, he said, If the basic play is free, I was expecting a better battle pass and management policy. Some players from the previous work may be confused by the new environment, just like him.

Criticism has been raised since the season 1 at the 1st of the season. Approximately 50 hours of play is required to reach the battle pass level 55, which is possible to unlock the hero, and some media have said that unlocking may take too much time. It is. Regarding a series of concerns, the same opinion has been given by players on SNS, such as Twitter.

On the other hand, the blizzard side often mentions the hero-unlock method using the battle pass. Dion Rogers, the art director of Overwatch 2, commented that the content is constantly discussed within the team as a comment that seems to have been criticized for the Hero obtained system in Season 1 (THEATER). ) On the other hand, Walter Kong, the General Manager of this work, said, The addition of a hero is the most popular content, and it is appropriate to incorporate the new system battle path that invites players to play the hero as an unlock method in the battle pass. I think (PC gamer).

BLIZZARD also explains the Hero-unlock system with the battle pass in the official blog post in September. The post first mentions the compatibility of a specific hero is extremely advantageous and the so-called hard counter. He was working on adjusting such extreme counters so that players could use a wide range of heroes, and said they would use them as guidelines. In addition, the new hero added in this work is restricted in rival play (rank match) for several weeks from its appearance. It is said that the development team makes it easier to adjust the balance. The Blizzard side seems to be relieving the problems of hero-unlocks through battle passes by delaying the lifting of the new hero’s ranks and conducting quickly adjustments.

Styles also presented a plan to improve the battle pass in the video mentioned above. The introduction of the battle pass is the opinion that it should be kept on cosmetic items that do not affect gameplay. As long as there is a gap in gameplay through hero-unlocks, these objections are likely to be thrown.

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