How to get a light bulb in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The light bulb is an obligatory item that needs to be collected during friendly exchange quest assigned to you VALLEY. During the quest you are asked to reunite Ariel and Valley, collecting several resources, one of which is a light bulb. In this leadership, we will show you how to get a light bulb in the Disney Dream Light Valley.

where to find a light bulb in the Drimlinite Valley

You will open the quest as soon as you reach the 10th level of friendship with Valley. As soon as he remains unnoticed, start the quest, briefly talking with Valley, who will ask you to find several useful items for him to give Ariel. One of the items that he asks you to collect is a light bulb that can neither be made in the workshop, nor find in the valley.

This is due to the fact that the subject that you are looking for has no recipe. Therefore, instead of wandering in different areas of the map in search of an object, it is best to talk with All and get a hint from the robot.

Here you will find out where the light bulb is. According to Wall, the light is located somewhere in his house. So, go to his house and find a bulb on the right side near the road cones.

Please note that the bulb radiates shining particles. So, if you want to find it quickly, just look for a luminous object in the Valley house.


How to fix the quest error Friendly exchange

Many players were faced with two serious mistakes during the Friendly Exchange quest in Disney Dream light Valley.

The first error is due to the fact that the item does not rise, since the E hint does not appear. The best solution for this is that you should not stand right on the subject, but should be next to him to call a request for receipt.

The second mistake that the players encountered is that both Valley and Ariel do not interact with each other, despite the fact that they transmit Valley resources. The correction of this error is that you should leave both characters for a while at rest and wait until they interact with each other.

Both characters will meet on the beach near the entrance to the forest and cause a speech bubble between them to complete the quest. In the meantime, you can look for other resources.

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