Save electricity on TV: Popular tip can be used for costs

Saving electricity is important and can have a positive effect on your wallet. But a tip can literally burn itself into the television and become very expensive.

Dortmund-the Germans have always been considered quite economical. But this year they could exceed themselves-due to various crises in the world. The fear of insane additional payments is around, and the plugs are pulled. But with some televisions this economy can be really expensive.

save electricity and pull the plug-not always the best idea

In order not to fall into debt trap, some consumers even start building tealight stoves in order to be able to do without the expensive heating. This is not really effective and can even be dangerous. Many other myths about electricity and gas saving are currently spreading rapidly on the Internet-but not all of them are useful for every device.

Again and again some devices are warned of the standby mode and the resulting costs. This also includes the heart of the living room: the television. Not only is television shows alone is a real power guzzler-the standby mode that occurs also after the television evening is supposed to go into money. However, the plug should not be drawn with some devices: OLED TV devices are somewhat sensitive in this regard.

OLED TV not simply separate from electricity-devices can be serious damage

OLED TVs can be serious if they are separated from the electricity. And if the television is broken, the resulting costs that result from the resulting standby costs are many times over. But why shouldn’t you separate the expensive TV from the electricity?

The tech portal CHIP explains that even the image can burn when you make the mistake and just pull the plug. Accordingly, OLED TVs carry out regular maintenance programs to counteract this burning. Such a care program is started after about four to six hours of operation after about four to six hours of operation (more digital news at ).

Save electricity and separate OLED TV from the electricity can end badly-the time is crucial

CHIP Has tested two TVs from Philips and LG: With these televisions, the important refresher programs between 12 and 15 minutes took. If you pull the plug during the program, you risk damage the panel sustainably. According to Tech book, they should only be separated from the electricity if the regeneration program has run. When that is depends on the respective manufacturer.


If you have taken the perfect time to separate the device from electricity, how much can you really save? CHIP did the test with a Philips OLED TV and let the device run over 8.5 hours and with an internet connection in standby. Around 19 watt hours were used up (more service news at ).

save electricity-standby consumption can also be reduced differently

Calculated all year round-with an average standby period of 18 hours a day-this does around 15 kilowatt-hours. At high costs of 67 cents/kWh, this would be 10 euros a year that could be saved. Everyone has to decide for themselves whether this is a lot or little.

But if you really want to save at all corners and corner, you can also choose to send the OLED TV into standby mode without an internet connection, then the watt hours used would decrease again. But be careful: Smart TVs often load important software updates at night-this also applies to consoled TVs. If the updates fail again and again, impairments can occur. And if you absolutely want to pull the plug, you should only do this about an hour after switching off.

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