Mobile game Slam Dunk new player Lim Taek Joong update

Dena announced on the 1st that it has updated the new player ‘LIM Take Suing’ in its mobile game ‘Slam Dunk’.

Sang yang High School ‘LIM Take Suing’ is one of the four major craftsmen of Sang yang, who is always in a match with a strong desire. In particular, positions are power forward but have extraordinary defensive capabilities, allowing you to use various strategies.

The ‘LIM Taek-Joong’ player data is a ‘windmill layup’, which runs forward and used techniques to make the opponent defend, and the Heavy Mark skill that interferes with breakthrough by intensively marking the opponent with a ball. In addition, when facing opponent’s layups or dunks, you can jump up immediately and block your opponent with both hands. It also has a skill.

D & A Seoul presents LIM Taehyung Special Card and Skill Training Card to users who have succeeded in their missions such as ‘LIM Take Suing’ athlete’s data, achieving S-evaluation, and mastering of mastery until the 7th. In addition, if you complete the Weekly Challenge by the 14th, we will receive abundant rewards such as honor roulette rights, diamond roulette coupons, and skill training cards.

During the same period, the Collect event will be held, and every time you participate in the ranking or 3v3 half coat, you will receive an audit box. In the audit box, you can get one of the items of paper, diamonds, potential materials, skill training cards, sports drinks, evaluation promotion cards, and characteristic materials.

More details can be found through the mobile game ‘Slam Dunk’ community.

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