Fans call Bicot from The Witcher series

During the weekend, Netflix confirmed that the series of The Witcher will have a fourth season. However, Henry Cavill, who has so far been responsible for giving life to Gerald of Trivia, will leave this production, and instead Liam Hemsworth will occupy this position. As usually happens in these cases, The community reacted negatively, and they are calling a boycott in response.

Through social networks, dozens of fans demonstrated their dissatisfaction at the exit of Cavils. While there are those who are willing to give Hemsworth a chance, many more have called a boycott until Netflix bring back to Gerald’s original actor.

Bigot to The Witcher, bring Henry back. Do not replace Henry Cavill! He is Gerald! He knows his character more than anyone!

Do not replace it with Liam Hemsworth. THIS IS RIDICULOUS! I will boycott The Witcher if they really replace it. How can you replace it?

The Witcher fans watching season 4 starring Liam Hemsworth instead of Henry Cavill.

Outside their initial messages, neither Cavils nor Hemsworth have talked about the public reception we have seen in recent days. We only have to wait and see how the change of actors will be reflected in the series . At least for the moment, we still have a season with Cavils. In related issues, you can learn more about this case here. Similarly, The Witcher’s original game will have a remake.

Editor’s note:

Unlike Cavils, Hemsworth is not so loved by the Internet. While this actor has proven to have a good caliber, it seems that if Warhammer does not play and builds his own PC, the internet is not interested, which is disappointing. Hopefully Hemsworth does well in this role.

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