Minecraft: Inventory receives new update to please players

During Minecraft Live, on October 15 , the developers of Moving Studios announced several changes to the game, including version 1.20 . But before its release, and as usual, the title takes advantage of several snapshots to gradually introduce all new planned content. Last week we were entitled to Snapshot 22w42a Publication, with the introduction of camel, bamboo and suspended panels, this week we welcome Snapshot 22W43A, which is widely focused on creative inventory .

Minecraft welcomes Snapshot 22w43a

Several changes occurred in the inventory. With the addition of certain blocks, a general reorganization of plants or the reorganization of color blocks through their gradient. This way, players should experience a higher quality of life sailing through all creative inventory guides more easily .

In addition, there were some changes from chat in the game , with reports that now indicate when a denounced player entered a text channel, but also the possibility of keeping these famous reports in draft shape (the draft remains maintained until the player decides to publish or exclude him).

Finally, our camel friends also benefit from some changes with the color of the spawning egg that has been modified, as well as an improvement in its walking cycle.

Snapshot Update Note 22W43A of Minecraft version 1.20

Changes in 22w43a

  • Changed the colors of the spawning egg of the camel
  • Animation of the Changed Camel Walking Cycle
  • Fences do not provide more central support below them
  • The chat report screen now indicates when the reported player entered the chat
  • Other creative inventory changes
  • Added reports of reported players

New changes in inventory

Changes in inventory controls have generated many comments.


  • Creative guide icons changed for better color coding and to display the most iconic visuals
  • The Nature Blocks tab was renamed for natural blocks
  • Bad soil and stones to the top of the natural block tab, which was a great request from many people (saying they use these blocks much more than flowers etc.)
  • Bottles of corrected water not appearing on the consumable tab
  • Smooth quartz is now a separate section of blocks
  • Creeper blocks are now grouped on the Natural Blocks tab
  • Fixed order of waxed copper blocks
  • Fixed order of coral blocks to be consistent
  • Nether rack is close to Helium on the Natural Blocks tab
  • Equipment reorganized so that gold tools and weapons are in a logical order
  • Normal rails moved before special rails
  • Classification of color blocks according to their gradient (wool, terracotta, candles, banners, stained-glass, etc.)
  • The panels were moved upwards on the building blocks, as they are used quite often by players
  • Basalt blocks are now found after Nether’s ick blocks on the building blocks, next to Pedro Negra
  • General reorganization of the natural block tab plant.


  • Additions to the Redstone Blocks Guide
    -Marco with chests

-Great Got
-LA White next to Scull Sensor
-Rites next to the Tripwire hook
-Red Stone Berries
-Climax Student
Added to the consumable tab
Added to the function blocks tab
-Ominous Bandana
-HVO de Dragão
-Lightning box
Added to the construction guide
Added to to generate eggs guide
-Egg manner
Added to the combat tab
Added to the Tools and Utility Guide
-Bone meal

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