Gather Paripi! It seems that there is a vicious trader who scatters a large amount of pizza and cat cans at the venue Party Maker.

In a world where you change rapidly, the game industry progresses at the speed of light, and it is for everyone to determine which is a game that suits you. I want to know the information of the new game right now while facing the budget and the time to play. It is explosive speed play repo for such a case.

This time, we will introduce the content that is developed by FORESIGHT GAMES and played Party Maker distributed on October 25, 2022.

What is Party Maker

This work is a specialist simulation that creates a party venue in response to the client’s request that comes one after another. The players are one of them and one van. We will use a variety of tools prepared to form a party freely in mission-style work.

There are a wide variety of situations, from simple weddings to cat shows held in the gymnasium, and there are many decorations that color the details. While satisfying the specified level in line with the customer’s request, it is a form that produce individuality by mainly in charge of decorations such as tables, curtains, and fireworks.

The interior added for each stage can be carried over and can be used on other stages, and the number of themes that can be purchased every time the mission is cleared will increase. Not only do you work behind the scenes, but also the scene where the venue you made with a hard time is actually used, so you can know what you can’t buy with the money of customer smile . I have done it. Unfortunately, this work does not support Japanese at the moment .

Let’s learn how to work before work

When you start the game, the cut scene of the player’s store is reflected in the title of this work, and it starts by rebuilding your own store.

The second floor, which is home, is a luxurious room with enough size. Have you closed the store so far, did you have any personal circumstances? It’s scattered around and doesn’t even go through electricity, so let’s prepare your workplace according to the tutorial.

Basic operations are almost the same for all games, such as moving and jumping. In this work, the missions that are undertaken by the player will all be cleaned by cleaning the decayed ruins, and will set up a party venue from there.

Use such cleaning as the main application and use them properly according to the type. Garbage is a vacuum cleaner, graffiti and floor stains are moped, and repair is like a drill. The tools are unlocked in step, but the tutorials also included accessing in-game PCs and checking elements such as missions and themes.

Because it is a full-length English , there are some parts that are difficult to understand by words alone, but important parts are emphasized on the mini map and screen, so let’s do it.

Budget and responsibility have customers! All you have to do is decorate

When I learned how to proceed with this work, I was asked to work immediately. According to the content of the email, he wants to celebrate the 50th anniversary of his marriage. It is plain pressure that such an important event can be left as the first job, but I immediately bothered me because I can spend $9,500 a lot of money as I like.

Although it is quite rough, it is a large space for the wedding on the fine stage of the wedding. The original is a good property, so it seems that it can be used if it is repaired, and the hero who has the skills may have been called. The vacuum cleaner is lifted here, and for the time being, cleaning and wiping the garbage, then installing the curtain and the chandelier first.

Large equipment such as lighting and piano is unique , and players cannot move freely. Regarding decoration, there is a minimum quota that the customer wants, and this time it is necessary to secure a minimum amount of tables and gorgeous decoration for a wedding. I think that it is possible to clear it even if you ignore this, but it is not a lot of trouble, and it will probably be directly linked to the assessment of rewards, so let’s consider it for the time being.

If a rough shape is completed, with small items such as curtains and flowers, I want to be able to demonstrate my true territory. Nevertheless, it is still the first mission, so there are few interiors that can be used, and the table alone is quite squeezing the budget. Because it is within the budget range , we have a lot of things like the cheapest balloon or New Year’s bamboo decoration.

I thought it was quite appropriate, but when people gathered, it was surprisingly painful, so it may be a good idea to fill the gap at the end. When cleared, the next mission and new theme appeared, and there were no special claims from the clients, so this time we will not steam it because it was a great success.

It’s a pity that it’s real in a sense

If you mention it for the time being, the word free in this work is quite narrow. First, it is fun to clean and create a stage from scratch, but since the items that players can handle are limited to small items, there is no significant difference even if the number of types increases.

I can’t say anything yet, but it’s impossible to put a huge nuigurumi or campfire in the hall or bring animals such as cows and pigs at this time. In this work, the stage is quite large even in indoor missions, so there should be such a large figurine, but it has been filled with accessories.

According to the author who is from the architectural department, it was similar to the sense of placing furniture and other furniture for reference to the interior design of the blueprints, like a computer tool used in the design of the house. Not only the creator’s convenience, but also the feeling of the actually living side, we leave room in the space, but since this work is a game, if it is too realistic, the game will be lost.

As a result, it became a form that spreads a toothpick in a too large bowl, and it has been a lot of a large stage. Placing the table and flowers little by little will lack visual impact, and there is a fundamental restriction of budget, so you can’t put it in large quantities.

After a bitterness, the writer was placed on the experiment with a pizza and cat can on the floors, which gave off a cheap and out-of-place presence. It is a secret that the decoration used in the mission of the cat show was cute, and it did not fit any scene, so I was playing with a laugh at 2 o’clock in the middle of the night.

If it is a small item, it will be easy to add it in an update, and if it supports the workshop, there may be room for improvement in variations depending on the volunteer MOD. It is still a work immediately after the release, and I did not play to the end, so I would like to expect future developments.

Party Maker is being distributed on Steam. Currently, the release sale is 10 % off.

Title: Party Maker
Model I played: PC (Steam)
Release date: October 25, 2022
Author play time at the time of writing: 3 hours
Price: 1,520 yen

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